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Best Free Podcast Hosting in 2018

The Internet offers anyone an opportunity to voice an opinion. It is indeed an excellent platform for showcasing one’s abilities. Take the examples of struggling singers who have got a fantastic voice, but they can’t make it to shows of the big media franchise. Luckily, they have got a place to showcase their talent in the form of free podcast hosting websites. In this way, they get a chance to make their voices heard by millions of art connoisseurs out there.

5 Best Free Podcast Hosting Websites

For newbies who are looking for the right platform to share their creations, we have jotted down few of the best podcast hosting websites that can prove helpful for them.

Free Podcast Hosting

  1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is on top of the list of best free podcast hosting websites for its popularity. Even an ordinary internet user is aware of this platform. So, apart from being free, it also lets the artists reach out the masses.

SoundCloud allows publishing of 3 hours of podcasts. It also has a unique community feature, where listeners can tell about their views in the comment box. Struggling artists who can’t exploit the platforms like Spotify, which is in headline for stock market debut, can use SoundCloud to target a vast audience.

  1. Speaker

Speaker is another user-friendly podcast hosting service which is perfect for newbies. It is famous for a simple users’ interface and chats service which is available for free users as well.

One can upload almost 5 hours of the free monthly podcast on Speaker. The time limit is vast who want to get recognition through 5 minutes or so long song tracks. One can use desktop apps for Speaker as well for recording and publishing of Podcasts.

  1. Busszprout

Busszprout is an ideal hosting service for many reasons. It also comes up with tools that allow embedding on WordPress and social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. Another lucrative feature of Busszprout is that it offers statistical analyses on how different podcasts have performed.

While Busszprout allows the sharing of two hours of free podcast each month, the files stay on the server for 90 days only. It also enables utilizing of different tools, something that proves to be an added advantage.

  1. Podiant

Podiant is somehow the only free podcast hosting website as it allows uploading of unlimited data. Its only drawback is that free users can’t benefit from the support service. It also offers the feature social sharing and embedding of the material on user’s website. For newbies who are interested in targeting an audience for their creation that too without any cost, can rely on Podiant.

  1. Podbean

Podbean is much like Podiant in term of offering unlimited bandwidth. Its user-friendly interface and website building tools, gives users a manipulative edge. One of the attractive features of Podbean is its comprehensive statistics and insights about the audience behavior that benefit users. Podbean also allows sharing of the content on social media, along with iTunes and play store support.

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