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Best Movies of Decade That Everyone Needs to Watch

For the past 10 years, countless movies have hit the multiplexes. It is not even possible to watch, let alone review all of them. Still, the effort is being made to take a look back and find the best movies of decade that left some memorable marks.

These are not necessarily amongst the top movies on Netflix but they are surely the best films that cater to the everyone’s taste.

Best Movies of Decade From Every Genre

Here are the best movies of decade (2010) that delivered a memorable cinematic experience to audiences and critics alike.

The Social Network (2010)

It is a dark thriller about friendship, loyalty, and betrayal surrounding the largest social networking site in the world. The viewer would quickly realize that labeling this masterpiece as a Facebook movie is actually an insult to what Davind Fincher (Director) and Andy Sorkin (Screenwriter) were trying to achieve. 

Instead of stars, Fincher opted for new-comers and made them a star. None of the previous performances of Jesse Eisenberg can compare to this cold, calculated, and determined Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. He played him like a genius who knew what he wanted and seemed totally confident in getting it. His counter Saverin, played brilliantly by Andrew Garfield, is a rather warm, inviting, and sympathetic character – which is why it dramatically increased the impact of Zuckerberg’s tragic betrayal of their friendship. The recreation of this situation still does not give the information that can be perceived as correct, given the Rashomon effect; when several people claim a single truth, it takes forever to find an absolute truth among so many points of view.

It is a great tale of irony – Harvard’s least involved student, who is bad at coding, and has zero knowledge about human relationships; creates a greatest source of communication for people all over the world. Zuckerberg might be more exploitative than the movie suggests but the closing scene really shows that ends justify the means. The creator of the largest social network is shown waiting for his own friend’s request that he betrayed.

Ex-Machina (2014)

Ex Machina is a simple film that deals with a deeply complex and philosophical topic. Unlike other movies that involve machines, there is no military presence or idiotic fights between humans and machines, instead this film focuses on the ethical questions related to creation and purpose of life. As unoriginal as it may start to get, that’s where they add a pinch of sexuality and the whole movie transforms.

Oscar Isaac brilliantly played this deranged individual, Nathan Bates living in a bunker. He needed to conduct a test for which Domhnall Gleeson’ character Caleb was chosen. The test involved talking to an AI, named AVA played by Alicia Vikander. Things seem off from the get go, then they get gripping, before finally boiling over into a wonderful climax. Ava is a sensational android subject and the film clinically displays the enlightening sessions between Caleb and Ava. All this is maniacally observed by Nathan through the CCTV system which soon becomes a reason for deception. That is the most exciting part of the movie, both men seem to be playing each other for their own reasons instead of completing the test.which was to identify if a machine can truly pass itself off as human to another human.

As more secrets unfold, the motives and beliefs of all characters are clearer and some seem more logical than others. The film makes strong arguments for both sides of the A.I. equation; machine and a human being. This is one of the best movies of decade and will always be recognized as a science fiction classic.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri was one of the big winners at Golden Globes 2018. The Writer / Director, Martin McDonagh has outdone himself with one. Out of all the best movies of decade, none of them told a story with as much genuine emotions. It is inspired by a true story of a mother who struggles with her town’s law to get justice for her murdered daughter. This film is completely driven by the sheer force of Frances McDormand, who is a one woman wrecking crew. The movie manages to balance the seemingly contradictory themes of dark comedy that feel heavy due to strong subject matter. McDormand plays exceptional Mildred Hayes who rents out billboards to shame the local law enforcement for not progressing her daughter’s investigation.

This movie effortlessly blends the sad drama with just the right amount of comedy that makes it easy to forget that jokes are being made. Not a single one-dimensional shell of a character is present in this film. Each character has a reason and a purpose for being where they are, which can be said for very less movies. The message that this film sends resonates with the viewer strongly and leaves them pondering for a few days. The story shows people in the most realistic light possible in a scripted setting. Nothing feels sugar coated or lacks genuine emotion.

The most talked about element of this film is the strong performances by Frances McDormand, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, and Lucas Hedges. Their memorable performances in one of the best movies of decade, make the viewer feel that as if theyr personally know these characters.

Whiplash (2014)

The best movies are those that reach out to the most diverse and wide spectrum of audiences. After watching Damein Chazelle’s Whiplash, it is an abomination to think it is made only for music fans. It takes guts to make such a film – that is not just an eye candy with explosions, nudity, and cars but also art, sense, resolve, and soul. The fusion of emotions throughout the film, thrusts the audience into a world of dedication, obsession, and confrontation. It is a tale of inspiration that follows a young man and his dreams of becoming a drummer. It is as similar as any man’s dream to become a doctor, engineer, footballer, a musician, or a politician.

The aspiring jazz drummer, Andrew (Miles Teller) is inspired and pushed by the aspirations and abuse of his ferocious mentor Terrence Fletcher, played by the extraordinary J.K. Simmons. Simmons has a terrifying presence in this film that incites fear in Andrew and as well as the audience. Chazelle has exceptionally presented this important relationship to understand the exact reason for choosing a ruthlessly brutal teaching style. Teller also does a good job of expressing the physicality of drumming in detail. His struggle seems so cathartic on screen that all the real human conditions like frustration, fear, anger, regret, and rage are clearly visible as he pushes further. 

A final drum solo at the end of the movie represents the sense of rebellion Andrew feelst at that moment. It is a glorious cinematic moment of a unique, but intense, powerful, and stunning message, which is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Inception (2010)

The most resilient parasite in the world in an idea. Christopher Nolan has created something with his unbelievably gifted mind to blow other minds away. It has a multi-layered plot which is quite distinct from one another but still finely connected. According to critics this is a film that rewards intellect. Instead of trying to be the smartest in the room, it lets the audience solve the most mind boggling puzzles. The stunning visuals, technical brilliance, emotional depth, and immersive action are rarely seen blended together so beautifully.

Nolan brings this unique vision to the screen with the help of Leonardo Di Caprio, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, and Michael Caine. Hanz Zimmer provided the thrilling music in the film to compliment an epic movie that is heart-pounding and heart-wrenching at the same time. The storytelling follows a non-linear structure that has never been perfect before. Seems like Nolan challenged himself to make another well-structured non-linear story like Memento. As the movie pushes further into the layers, the visual effects go through astonishing changes with the intricacies of the story. That is what brings it to the list of the best movies of decade.

DiCaprio’s performance did not fetch him an Oscar but it will be remembered as his finest performance till date. Dom Cobb is the perfect flawed lead character who desperately holds on to the secrets that he deems dear. The supporting cast was an extraordinary ensemble led by Cobb to complete a very complicated mission. A sense of danger keeps lurking in the subconscious as a very specific enemy seems to be one step ahead of Cobb and his team’s every move. Only Cobb could have seen this enemy coming.

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

A saga that continued and gained increasing fan base over the decade was concluded in the best possible way. The endgame is what all these valiant characters deserved. It was the most anticipated film of the year, so the higher the expectation, the higher the chance of disappointment. Despite Avangers Endgame trailer leaving fans in emotional wreck it did not only exceed the expectations, it gave something more to the fans.

The story focuses on the original Avengers i.e. Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Hawkeye, and the incredible Hulk. Other characters play an important role in the story but outside the original Avengers helm. Endgame also introduced a new hero, Captain Marvel to a mixed public response. It was a good message that Avengers had a big enough heart to extend their family. Heroes are dragged a lot through emotional predicaments so the heavy scenes, and the battle seem more personal and meaningful. The last 45 minutes are so full of action that they end sooner than a person can realize it.

This is easily one  of the best movies of decade. In American cinema halls, it received standing ovations upon credit roll while people were wiping their tears. 

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

A remake of the 1979 classic that made Mel Gibson a huge star that he is today. Mad Max: Fury Road sees a veteran director George Miller returning to the franchise after a 30-year hiatus. Miller’s post-apocalyptic world provides a chaotic backdrop necessary for this kind of movie. From the first scene to the end, vehicular combat and human action is shot in a lush cinematography. The camera-works remain consistently on the mark even during the high speed raging in the desert, and sand storms. Most popular action movies and franchises could not get rid of shaky camera issues during action sequences but Miller finally pulled it off.

There is no action scene in the movie because 75% of the movie consists of action. The rest 25% leaves the audience in an emotional disbalance over the story of internally wounded Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron). The overpowering onscreen partnership of Hardy and Theron will be remembered for years. The role of Imperator Furiosa is delight to watch in an industry struck by less impactful roles for women. The story is more about Furiosa and her quest to save a group of women from a very sick minded antagonist. Interestingly, the story is introduced by Max himself so he is more of an observer as he is a champion.

Overall, Fury Road is an insane symphony of destruction that it feels like it was forged in the fires of hell. As popular as the original trilogy was, this will be known as Miller’s magnum opus. This movie perfectly entails how every action flick must be made in Hollywood.

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