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Best Place to Buy Bitcoins

You can find the best Bitcoin exchange to purchase the cryptocurrency. There is an extensive list of best Bitcoin exchange options available. Here are some of the best Bitcoin exchange you might consider.

  • Coin Base
  • Local Bitcoins
  • Coin Mama
  • Wall of Coins
  • Bit Quick
  • Coin House
  • Bit Panda
  • Kraken

A Bitcoin Price Index keep track of the market demand and supply. The index let you know about the price of this cryptocurrency as well as a historical trend via Bitcoin price graph.

Buy Bitcoin with Debit / Credit Card

It was not easy to buy Bitcoins using debit or credit card. However, the recent changes in Bitcoin stock chart show an ease of quickly buying and selling the cryptocurrency.  Companies like Coin Mama and Coin Base have come along to help the customers buy Bitcoins via Debit or Credit card.

Coin Base lets you purchase the cryptocurrency in several different locations around the world. The exchange offer support in the US, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore. The company charges its customers around 3.99% transaction fee when you want to buy the bitcoin via debit or credit card.

You can also use Coin Mama for making the purchase via debit or credit card. The exchange has a higher transaction fee of around 6%. Upon card verification, you will receive your currency within the next few minutes. However, the exchange only offers its services in the US.

Bit Panda is another Austria-based company through which you can make the purchase via your debit or credit card. The website does not openly show the prices. However, you can see the prices deducted from the total money transferred.

Can You Buy Bitcoin with PayPal?

The answer to this question is a resonating Yes. However, before moving forward, you need to understand that it is not as it sounds. A lot of people who have used PayPal to buy Bitcoins did have difficulties.

Best Place to Buy BitcoinThe problems come when a person who bought Bitcoin via PayPal initiates a chargeback. In that scenario, the person who originally made the purchase, claims to have never been able to get the coins.

If you are among the individuals who have not been able to buy Bitcoins via PayPal, then here is what you need. You can either use the online marketplaces for buying and selling the cryptocurrency. Similarly, you can also use a service named Virwox to purchase Bitcoins using PayPal.

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