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5 Best Security Tips to Stop Apps from Stealing Your Data

In an era where the use of internet and phone has grown extensively the need to prevent data theft has grown too. The reports of apps stealing or collecting data without user consent have increased. So here are 5 best security tips to prevent your data from being taken away.

So Here Are Five Best Security Tips to Prevent Your Data

According to the top security advisers, the following are the best practices to protect yourself.

1.  Use Password Manager

The primary objective of any hacker is to crack your password. The method they use most often is the hit and trial method. Generally, a good password is a combination of numbers, symbols, and letters in random order. The simpler your password is, the easier it will be to hack.

One of the best security tips security experts give is to use a password manager. It encrypts your passwords and so helps to stop apps from stealing your password

2.  Limit Social Media Exposure

Social media apps are the most frequently used apps on the phone. Over the years multiple investigative reports have come forth proving how different marketing companies secretly collect user data

Just recently Apple banned Facebook research app from its app store for collecting user data without explicit consent. These companies use the received data to generate a shadow profile of what you like and dislike that they use for targeted marketing.

3.  Be Aware of What Permission the Apps Are Asking For

Most people don’t even bother to read or understand what permissions the app is asking for. We just tick the agree to all button and regret it later.to be educated of the permission

The app Is asking for had to be a part of our list of best tips to prevent data theft.

According to one expert if an app wants permission to access your contact data, GPS data, pictures or anything else. Its a shore shot thing they are collecting user data. Then another expert said that people should ask themselves if it’s logical for an app like a calculator to ask permission to access your contacts.

4.  Download Apps from Secured Locations

One of the best tips to stop apps from collecting your data is to download them from secure locations like Google or apple store as they have stringent policies regarding user privacy.

5.  Update Your Phones Security Software

Keeping your security software up-to-date is crucial.  It is the best security tips of all as security softwares are designed to prevent anyone from stealing your data but some time apps manage to trick them in thinking that they are just ordinary harmless apps, and so begins the data collecting scheme. 

By updating your security software regularly, you stop apps from stealing your data and protect yourself

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