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Best Wedding Games for Bride and Groom

Every bride and groom want to celebrate their special day uniquely. Couples experiment with dresses, decor, food, and music to make their wedding celebrations memorable. But nowadays, wedding games are also in trend. The idea is gaining popularity as its tendency to engage the couple and guests, and for ultimately providing a source of entertainment.

Well, there is no lack of wedding games that one can choose on his big day to entertain the audience. But, couples can decide on them unanimously or according to their preferences. It is also possible to select the games that perfectly get along with the wedding theme.

If you don’t have any particular choice, but you are attracted by the idea of doing some fun in your marriage ceremony, then check out these famous wedding games.

Tossing the Rings- One of the Popular Wedding Games

In most of the cultures, wedding ceremonies are incomplete without the exchange of rings. But, in the west there is another thing that compliments the wedding ceremony as it complements any other event; and it is wine. Tossing the ring is a straightforward game. Couples have to throw the rings around the pegs, and the winner keeps the ring. Many bride and groom make this game more fun by choosing the theme colors for wine glasses.

Recently, a lesbian couple proposing each other went viral on Twitter; for they proposed unexpectedly at the same time that too during a Pictionary game. Hence, bride and groom can make such arrangement on their wedding day make the things more enjoyable.

Wedding Games

Playing Shoe Game on Wedding

Shoe game which is played at weddings is a source of ultimate fun. It also conducts a quick analysis of how well bride and groom know each other. Playing this game is also very simple. Bride and groom have to sit on back to back placed chairs. And exchange the shoes. Each partner must have two shoes, one of his/her and another one of the partner.

In the Wedding games like this one, a guest asks the couple questions that start with who. Like, who is good at making breakfast, who chose the honeymoon location and who fell in love first? The bride and groom answer these question by lifting one shoe in the air. If they think that the answer to the ‘who’ is their partner then they lift their partner’s shoe; otherwise, they lift their shoe. Amazing thing about this game is that bride and groom don’t get to see each other; hence, their partners’ answers are unpredictable to them

Playing Badminton

Playing badminton as the wedding games might not be a cool idea, but it is way too amusing. Bride and groom wearing their wedding dresses and moving to and fro to chase the shuttle with racket present a hilarious sight. For adding more fun, couples can arrange for the curtains rather than a net to play badminton.

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