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Big Three Cricket Model Finally Breaks Up

The big three cricket model has finally given way to how things were before. The three cricket boards of India, England, and Australia decided to keep control of the ICC. The new plans will reduce revenue share of the BCCI and offer somewhat similar amounts to other cricketing nations.

BCCI’s Opposition to Big Three Cricket Model Breakup

Big Three Cricket Model Breaks UpBCCI opposed breakup of the big three cricket model in negotiations for extending over a week.

The ICC gave the following new payment schedule for the next eight years.

  • The Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) will receive USD 293 million.
  • The England Cricket Board will receive USD 143 million.
  • The Zimbabwe Cricket Board will receive USD 94 million.
  • The other seven Full Members will receive USD 132 million.
  • The Associate Members will be given a total fund of USD 280 million.

Change in Distribution of ICC Resources

The new financial distribution does not resemble that of the previous levels. However, in the big three cricket model, USD 440 million for BCCI. The new model reduces the amount give to BCCI by around USD 147 million.

Australian cricket will receive the same amount it used to get. However, the amount granted to Australia is equal to that afforded to South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. The changes got 4 votes in favor, and one vote against it cast by Indian Cricket Board.

Constitutional Changes and Objectives To Achieve

Besides a change in the revenue distribution, the ICC has brought forth changes to the constitution. The following modifications got 12 votes in favor to two against it.

  • Entitle all the members to attend the AGM.
  • Give equal weight to votes from all board members regardless of their membership status.
  • Introduce a Deputy Chairman who will act as sitting Director elected by the Board to stand for the Chairman, when the Chairman is not able to fulfill their duties.
  • Offer new membership criteria and form a Committee to approve memberships.
  • To introduce a new female independent director to the Board.
  • To remove the Affiliate Membership, so ICC only offers two memberships, Full Members and Associate Members.
  • Open a pathway for including new Full Members in the future.

Return of Cricket to Pakistan

Under so many other subjects, the return of Cricket to Pakistan became part of further discussions. The ICC’s Chief Executive David Richardson was grateful for the progress made for the restitution of the cricket in the country.  The recent organizing of PSL 2 Final in Pakistan will surely open up new cricketing avenues for Pakistan. HoursTV previously covered ICC bringing new rules to the game of cricket here.

Here is how he summed up the progress in the meeting

“It has been a very productive week. Progress has been made on a number of significant issues, in particular around international cricket structures. Efforts to find a solution, enhancing the context of international bilateral cricket and retaining the relevance of the international game, will continue.”

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