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Reality of Viral Bilal Saeed Fight with His Brother and Sister-in-Law

A video went viral on social media which appears to be a fight between famous Pakistani singer Bilal Saeed and a couple. According to the reports, the couple trading blows with the singer happened to be his brother and sister-in-law. Popular media outlet MangoBaaz also shared the video on social media, in which Dolphin Police force was present on the scene. The incident happened outside the singer’s residence in Lahore.

From the video, it seems that the two brothers were having a verbal argument which escalated to physical altercation. Bilal was seen attacking his brother and then proceeded to kick and punch the woman. It prompted the police to intervene and break up the fight.

Bilal Saeed Fight Goes Viral On Social Media

Pakistanis who saw the video had lot of things to say to the Punjabi singer after seeing him engaging in a fight like this. Moreover, he attacked a woman viciously which wasn’t acceptable at all.

The reason of this dispute was not immediately known but people did know that Bilal Saeed had been involved in a similar engagement before. According to media reports, he once robbed millions of rupees from his own mother in alliance with brother Raza Saeed. Reports also state that once Bilal Saeed fight with some unknown people took place outside court, who beat him up badly.

Music lovers are of opinion that Bilal Saeed has derailed his own popularity with this fight. Few months ago, he received applaud for his song Qubool Hai featuring Saba Qamar, but his recent actions might result in some loss of fans.

Bilal Saeed Tries To Explain The Situation

In is defense, the singer posted a video on Facebook which showed some signs of domestic violence. Bilal alleged that the couple destroyed his house while he was away and he only raised his hand to protect his family.

He further alleged that his brother and sister-in-law were unfairly blackmailing him for a very long time, while he was ignoring them and solely focusing on his career.

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