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Bill and Melinda Gates Divorce After 27 Years of Marriage

Microsoft founder Bill Gates and wife Melinda Gates have announced that they will be divorcing after 27 years of marriage. The news of Bill and Melinda Gates divorce shocked many around the world as the couple admitted that they cannot carry on as a couple any longer. The pair has three children together.

They are co-founders of one of the world’s largest charity organizations and became the most powerful and influential individuals in global health. Their organization has spent billions of dollars trying to fight various diseases and facilitating vaccines for children.

Bill and Melinda met and began dating in 1994 in Hawaii, before getting married after two years. Melinda joined Bill as a product manager in Microsoft in the 1980s.

The reactions at this divorce have been mostly dark and hilarious. Very few were worried about what would happen to the joint charity but a lot of them were interested in open positions.

Bill and Melinda Gates Divorce Does Not Change the Foundation

According to reports, the divorced couple announced that they will stay as the co-leaders of the charity and continue to work together in shaping strategies, advocating issues, and setting its overall direction.

According to Forbes’s list of wealthiest people, Bill Gates is ranked number 4 with an estimated net worth of 124 billion USD. He stepped down as the CEO of Microsoft in 2020 to focus on philanthropic efforts in the light of coronavirus pandemic.

A couple of years ago, another rich person Jeff Bezos had a divorce, which was marked as the world’s most expensive divorce that also played a role in bringing Jeff down as the number 1 richest person.

Gates is also a part of the Giving Pledge program. It encourages billionaires to commit to giving away a major portion of their wealth to different causes.

Interesting Reactions on Social Media

Bill and Melinda Gates divorce created a very strange environment of social media. Only less than half of the people wished both of them some good vibes but the rest were simply outrageous. Here is one of them trying to make fun of the billionaire referring to a moment when Gates was proudly claiming to stand by his lovely wife forever.

As many were having fun, some turned out to be very rude. The couple was notorious for capitalizing coronavirus vaccine, for which the public has not forgotten them. Recently, Bill Gates advised against the mass production of vaccines by sharing formulas with poorer countries. It meant that he valued intellectual property more than saving lives.

His statement antagonized the media and social justice advocates. It seems like they got bad thoughts for Bill and Melinda Gates divorce. One of them shared a decades-old video in which a young rebel slammed a cake on the billionaire’s face.

At this moment of separation from a lifelong partner, some creative individuals thought that a Microsoft joke would fit the situation perfectly.

And some took speculation very far by associating Bill and Melinda Gates divorce to the widowhood of the Queen. Great Britain’s Elizabeth II lost her companion, Prince Philip on 9th April so folks were quick to judge that Gates might had change of heart or something.

People Shooting Their Shot

While looking at the funny reactions, one cannot ignore the naughty feelings of some not-so-rich bachelors. Countless men and women have been targeting the wealth of both bachelors by imagining themselves as their next partner.

Even those who ridiculed Bill Gates for his vaccine capitalism might take their criticism back if he accepted their proposal.

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