Nail Polish Designs for Short Nails

Awesome nail post art design ideas to fondle with.

Nail polish designs change with the fashion trends. Sometimes women want to have longer, at other times they desire them to be shorter. It all depends on “what’s in” and “what’s out”. So, let us talk about the short nail polish designs for now. 

Art nail designs for short nails

Get many ideas with the artistic designs for short nails. When it comes to art, you can create so many cute simple designs. These cute toenail designs give your fingers stunning look and make your hands appear beautiful. When it comes to nail art, you need to keep on trying until you find that perfect polish design.

Best Gel Nail Designs 2017

Many women prefer gel or artificial nail designs because of the increased number of options they provide. Also, unlike simple designs, gel adds to the strength. Many gel designers use them for the base. There are different elements used in creating gel.

Latest Black Nail Designs

Black nail designs are considered very stylish. You can think just black nails without adding any other colour to them. Alternatively, you could also go for black and white designs too. Our imagination only limits the toe nail art. There are different ways in which you can combine black and white polish. Black and white colours help you add more detail to simple nails.

Attractive Summer Nail Designs

There are two approaches to getting summer nails. One approach is the use of bright colours to get creative summer designs. The other approach is the use of light shades for your summer nail designs. It depends on the type of nails that goes well with your skin tone and dress. You need to be careful not to overdo either bright or light colour. You have to make sure the colour you put on looks good on you.

What makes cool nails attractive?

Not every nail design is cool. Sometimes, to get ahead of everyone else, we become desperate and put on nail polish which do not suit us. Make sure the type of polish you choose goes well with your personality.