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Marvel’s New Black Widow Movie Revives Natasha Romanoff

Marvel Studios has been cooking up some tasty and fresh meals for the fans. Several action-thriller movies are coming enthusiasts’ way. The latest news about marvel’s imminent projects talks about the black widow movie starring Scarlet Johansson as Natasha Romanoff, one of the hyped and loved characters of the Avengers series. As fans already know that the main character didn’t make it in ‘Avengers: Endgame’, seeing Romanoff alive in the movie is a game-changer for many.  

Is Black Widow Movie A Prequel? 

The Black Widow movie seems to be about the past life of Natasha. Apparently, the concept revolves around the title character’s background before she became an avenger. Although, the exciting part is not about how she joined the heroes but regarding conflicts she buried deep under the rock after her adventures in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) began. The forthcoming film by Marvel Studios is another show full of thrill, action, and adventures reviling the protagonist being a spy in a journey towards becoming The Black Widow.

Is Natasha Romanoff Coming back to Life?  

In the Endgame, Johansson lost her life while saving the world along with the heroes from a multiverse supervillain, Thanos. Now, Marvel Studios has revealed a new character in the group, which led the fans to wonder if the impending hero is going to be a part of any new avenger films. The wonderment is valid since a lot of Marvel movies and series including Falcon and The Winter Soldier are on their way to entertain MCU lovers. Also, marvel has a pattern of introducing new characters before releasing them into big movies like Infinity War, Captain America: civil war, and so forth. 

Furthermore, the Black Widow movie doesn’t seem like it’s bringing Romanoff back to life but to keep presenting her before the fans. Besides, the film’s plot doesn’t give any signs regarding the movie being a promotional picture for another unannounced ‘avengers’ project.  

Release Date And Platforms

Multiple projects by Marvel including The Kingdome of Wakanda, Spider-Man, and some others are due in the coming months of 2021 and 2022. Lucky for enthusiasts who can’t wait for MCU films to amuse them, the black widow movie will hit the theaters on July 9, 2021. Since the world is facing a crucial situation due to Covid 19, the fans can order and watch it on Disney plus streaming platform.

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