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Blast in Peshawar Leaves At Least 7 Kids Dead and Several Injured

A deadly blast in Peshawar madrassah left 7 children dead and dozens of people injured. According to the media reports, the attack happened during the Quran class while students were listening to their teacher. The victims have been taken to nearby hospitals and rescue work has started.

Blast in Peshawar Caused by A Bulk of Explosives

According to media reports that quoted Peshawar’s superintendent of Police chief Muhammad Ali Gandapur, it was an IED blast. Almost 5 to 6 Kg of explosives were used in a bag. The blast in Peshawar’s Jamia Zubairia madrassa happened in the first lecture of the morning, reportedly.

Injured Recieving Medical Treatment

Those who are injured are sent to the various hospitals in Peshawar. The seriously injured victims are sent to medical facilities including Khyber Teaching Hospital, Hayatabad Medical Complex, and Naseer Ullah Khan Babar Hospital and LRH (Lady Reading Hospital). According to senior police official Mohammad Ali Gandapur, two of the teachers also have serious injuries. They are also in hospitals taking the facilities of medical care.

Reaction to the Deadly Incident

Prime minister Imran Khan shared his condolences to the injured and the families who lost the lives of their precious ones. PM felt deeply saddened and stated that he will identify the terrorists behind this wretched act and bring them to justice.

Mohsin Dawar, Member of national assembly Pakistan, also shared his feeling regarding the blast in Peshawar seminary. According to his views, no place including schools or madrassas is safe. He paid his respects to those who faced losses in the blast. Mohsin also mentioned the warning that they have been giving about the regrouping of the terrorists in tribal areas. As per his views, the groups of terrorists need to be found and excluded.

Christen Turner, British High Commissioner to Pakistan expressed his emotions regarding the bomb attack on the Mosque in Peshawar. He shared condolences to the affected ones. He also stated that it was senseless and cowardly of those who hurt innocent children. He admired Pakistan’s courage against terrorism.

The finance and Health minister of KPK, Taimur Khan Jhagra shed light on some of the details related to the blast in Peshawar. He visited Lady Reading Hospital and talked to CCPO, chief secretary, and the DC. He came to know that LHR received 7 dead and 70 injured patients.

Nadeem Farooq Paracha, the journalist, and writer put light on the efforts made by Pakistan to eradicate terrorism from the year 2015. According to him, Pakistani is divided and instead of staying united against the common threat(terrorism), the authorities’ s focus is on saving a hybrid regime.

 The rising terrorism has left the public stunned. First, the innocents face child rape and now they are being suppressed under the burden of terrorism, bomb blasts, and murders. It breaks hearts to see such destruction. These kids are nothing but war trophies for those who are the messenger of hatred and cause destruction in the country. This is shameful for the entire nation.

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