Monday, December 4, 2023
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Blind App about Silicon Valley to the Give Inside Scoop

The new Blind App about Silicon Valley offers much more than just information. The app provides a holistic view of the IT industry and the big IT giants within the Silicon Valley.

The app specifically targets topics closer to hearts of the tech community.

Blind App About Silicon Valley Gives Openness

If you use the Blind App about Silicon Valley, you will come to know about the anonymous message board. This anonymous message board, for example, gives employees and others the openness and freedom to discuss whatever they want. They do not need to fear about getting reprimanded because they are saying something they strongly feel about a subject.

Uber employees, with a particular channel made available to them, are discussing some of the most sensitive topics in the workplace like harassment.

There is yet another separate section called “Tech Lounge” which talks about the upcoming events within the IT industry in general and particularly in Silicon Valley itself. It includes, among other things, information about the companies to look forward and IPOs.

Get in Touch with Bigwigs of Tech Industry

Big Wigs of Silicon ValleySilicon Valley is a big place. It is important for entrepreneurs to sometimes get in contact with big shot investors or journalists. Users can use the Blind App about Silicon Valley to get in touch with tech journalists or potential investors for their startup. They will also come to know about engineers, product managers, HR and sales people working within the Silicon Valley.

One thing which makes the app a miss is its exclusivity. The app is only available to employees of a select few IT companies in the tech valley. Only 100 of the top most IT companies’ employees can use this app including Facebook, Google, Uber, Amazon, Microsoft, and LinkedIn.

It is not easy installing and using this particular mobile application. You cannot access the mobile app by creating a fake LinkedIn profile. You need to have an official email address of the company you work for to access this mobile application. However, the app seems to keep its users anonymous.

It was launched back in 2015 in South Korea and has started to get more attention from the Silicon Valley. The founders of the app are regularly adding more tech giants to this including names like Medium, Postmates, Blue Apron, and WeWork among others.

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