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Blue British Passport to Restore ‘National Identity’ After Brexit

Almost a century old blue British passport is going to replace burgundy passports after Brexit. British Immigration Minister, Brandon Lewis told BBC that he was happy for returning to the iconic blue and golden design of 100 years old passport.

Just like Brexit, British nation seems to be divided on the matter of new passports. Those in favor of leave campaign say that change would restore the national identity. While, opponents believe that a mere transformation of color and design of the passport, just doesn’t make sense.

According to reports, UK citizens are not required to change their passports immediately. New Blue British Passports are likely to be issued from October 2019.

Blue British Passport to Bring the Britain Back

After the Brexit deal has reached between UK and EU, change of passport color might be another development in the process. For leavers, the reverting back to the old design is just another victory for Brexit and an ultimate gift for Christmas 2018.

Brandon Lewis also told BBC that leaving EU (European Union) has offered us a unique opportunity to restore our national identity. It seems that MPs have welcomed Brandon’s way of restoring the national integrity and bringing Britain back by switching to the old color and design.

Andrew Rosindell remarked that going for Blue British Passports is just a proud statement of our national identity.

British politician Nigel Farage told media that turning back to navy blue meant restoring the normal. He further stated that Britain was becoming a proper country again. He expressed his feelings by saying that he couldn’t be happier anymore.

Debate on the Change of British Passport

Discussion on the recent decision of UK’s Immigration Ministry is nothing different than Brexit. Leavers believe that blue British passport would offer integrity, liberty, and freedom to the British people, as they would have a recognition separate from the EU (European Union).

But Remainers believe that the change is absurd and just a way to bring back the dark imperial era. Well, they have come up with more interesting arguments to support their stance.

Critics are lambasting the decision by asking the purpose of changing to the blue if British people can’t use it for traveling 26 neighboring countries.

Well, is this how British citizens would prove their identity after getting the new passport?

As this Twitter user says,

Which color is going to make an iconic British passport. According to this Twitter user, it seems a matter of generation gap.

Here is a wise approach.

Future of Burgundy Passports

Now, it seems that Burgundy passports are going to phase out, the process would take the time. Citizens would have their new blue British passports after the contract for their productions reaches the negotiations. But Burgundy passports issued after March 2019 wouldn’t be EU specific anymore.


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