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Blue Whale Dare Game – Things You Need to Know

The Blue Whale dare game is a frightening social challenge responsible for taking the lives of many young people. The Blue Whale dare game primarily challenges the teens and pre-teens on a global scale. The origins of the game are believed be in Russia.

Blue Whale Dare Game Popularity Started from VK

VK or VKontakte is a Russian social media website. The Blue Whale dare game, as reports suggest, first surfaced on this site. However, later it spread like wildfire to other parts of the world. It is available in several different languages including English. Teens in many regions of the world are already getting hooked to it.

So Who Made Blue Whale Dare Game?

A 21-year-old Russian man, Philipp Budeikin is behind this evil idea. He is already held in custody for killing at least 16 Russian school girls who participated in this challenge.  Philipp Budeikin told authorities that he thinks the girls were happy to kill themselves. Instead of considering it a crime, the maker of the Blue Whale challenge thinks that he is doing a good to the society by cleaning the biological waste.

Why is Blue Challenge Dare Game So Dangerous?

The parents need to consider it as a serious problem and make sure that their children are not trying their hands onto something like that. Here is why it poses such a grave danger to young people.

False Sense of Purpose

The young people who do not have a direction in life or consider themselves as lost, find a purpose in it. They are trying to do something out of the ordinary to impress others. Sometimes, they are not into the game but only want to try it out once. Once they are hooked, they find it impossible to get out of it.

Teenagers More Vulnerable

The age of teen and pre-teen is vulnerable. The young individuals are going through a period of transformation from childhood to adulthood. The recent incident of a teenager from India taking his life reflects the extent of the vulnerability. The pre-teens and teens think of the Blue Whale dare game as a way to seek validation.

Underlying Psychological Issues

A lot of the young people who committed suicide had underlying problems. They were struggling with their personality issues. However, no one close to them was able to identify their issues, another reason why they found an ultimate escape from those problems. Typically, problems among such vulnerable young individuals include lack of interest, no focus, or a feeling of being incompetent.

Blue Whale Dare Game - Things You Need to KnowThe Role of Parents and School Management

The psychologists believe that just blaming the Blue Whale dare game is not going to solve the problem. The parents and school management also need to play their role. They have to spend quality time with the kids and listen to their concerns. The neglect of the children’s problems can make them fall into such traps. The parents and school management must carefully look for changes to a child’s routine and social behavior.

Some Additional Tips for Parents

One of the most dangerous mobile gaming applications catching the attention of many developers. The arrest of the person behind this application does not mean an end to its use. It may resurface with different names and moderators behind it.

Here are some additional tips for parents to help their children overcome such addictive yet fatal trends.

Give Time to Your Children

Parents need to find the time each day to talk to their children. They must listen to what they are going through and the daily routine followed by them.

Become Good Listeners

Instead of always trying to teach something, parents must become good listeners. Sometimes, to understand what their children want to say, they have to listen to them.

Acknowledge Worries

If your child has worries, always take the time to hear and address them. Do not try to shut down a conversation in the middle if your child has come to you with concerns.

Help Them Learn to Say NO!

The parents must teach their children to say no. It includes not falling for things they do not have to do. Do not fall into peer pressure for doing things that are of no use to them. To help them develop a logical thinking process, and a confident personality.

Be More Communicative and Easy to Approach

If your children avoid you because of any reason, it is not a good sign. They may find it hard to make you understand what they want to say or they are afraid of what you would say to them. Therefore, as a parent, make yourself more accessible to your children.

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