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These Memes Sum up Students’ Happiness on Board Exams Cancellation

The Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood has announced the closure of all educational institutions until July 15  along with board exams cancellation for matric and fsc. students.

The happiness of students on hearing the announcement made by the Federal education minister regarding board exam cancellation and promotion to the next class was eminent.

Minister informed that all the provincial governments and boards were on same page and a new examination policy would be implemented across the country.

Earlier students had come forward against the board exams because of pandemic and low standard online classes. After the announcement by the government regarding board exam cancellation, many hashtags #noexam #examcancel and #exam2020 began surfacing on social media.

Board Exams Cancellation Has Made Them Government’s Fan

It appears that government has got some back now from the students who will be capable of voting in next exams.

Gift before Eid

There couldn’t have been a better gift for them than one in the form of board exam cancellation.

This confirm Jannati hai meme was for PM Imran Khan.”

Happiness Was In the Air

Most of the students despise studies; the reason is that they often become cause of depression and anxiety since they have burden to get enough marks and fulfill the merit conditions for university admissions. But now many students don’t have any such fear.

Back-benchers are notorious for not studying the whole year as they study only one a day before exams. The decision has actually swiped them off their feet.

A Chance to Celebrate Something

Iqbal Key Shaheen had got a chance to celebrate after such a long time.

It is perhaps for the first time that someone is satisfied from the government’s satisfaction.

It Is Indeed A Time to Dance

Some made fun of university students because government announced that universities are independent to make decision according to their policies regarding examination and promotion to next class.

Board Examination Cancellation Policy and Promotion to Next Class

The government has made the decision without proper formula about the promotion of students to the next class. According to media reports Joint Secretary of the federal education ministry Syed Umair Javed stated that the ministry was in contact with all board through Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC). He added that all aspects will be kept in view before finalizing a policy.

The promotion of students of 10th and 12th classes on the basis of results of previous examinations would be injustice as in majority of cases, students usually obtain more marks in exams for 10th and 12th classes.

Those students who failed to pass in previous examination were still considered fail many asked this question

There were just more welcoming responses for board examination cancellation decisions.

Now the best purpose for utilizing old books and notes was to put them on sale.

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