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Boeing 737 Max Production Line Was Poorly Funded

New claims from former employ of the Boeing who worked on 737 Max project say the production line was not properly funded. The plane was rushed into production despite r warnings not to do so.

Boeing 737 Max Employees Were Told To Cut Cost of Productions

According to some former senior employee of Boeing, the company constantly pressurized them to cut the cost of production with complete disregards to passenger safety, reportedly. The company’s seniors were too focused on the stock market and getting big fat paychecks.

After the crashes occurred as a result of the new anti-stall system we were told to downplay any changes that had been made to prevent the company from facing further scrutiny from regulatory bodies. After crashes, particularly after the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash that left 157 dead passengers were fearing traveling on Boeing 737 Max.

They Are Making False Claims

Boeing dismissed the claims and said the crash occurred as a result of pilot negligence. They failed to follow the operational procedures and shut down the anti-stall system if it was causing problems. After all the plane was designed to look familiars to the old one.

A Crown Jewel or Blunder

The aviation industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world with only a hand full of companies competing with each other to become the top dogs in the industry. The 737 max was hailed by Boeing as its crowning achievement and was meant to propel the company to new heights

The plane was first introduced in 2011 and took flight for the first time in 2017. it was considered the most advanced not to mention the most fuel-efficient twin-engine jet and was meant to rival the new plane airbus had introduced.

Within a short time, it became Boeing most sought after plane. It had caused Boeing’s stocks to rise exponentially. It was in demand by nearly every airline in the world, but then tragedy struck. Two of the new 737 operated by Ethiopian Airlines and Malaysia’s Lion Air crashed, killing 346 passengers in total.

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