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Airlines Ground Boeing 737 Max after Plane Crash

Countries are grounding Boeing 737 max all over the world. Australia and Singapore are the latest countries to ground the fleet. The planes will remain grounded until the investigation involving the Ethiopian Airways operated 737 max that crashed on March 10 leaving no survivors are complete.

What Countries Are Grounding Boeing 737 Max

After an Ethiopian airway operated Boeing 737 max crashed on Sunday different countries have grounded their  Boeing 737 planes. The countries that have grounded the 737 include  Australia, China, South Korea, Ethiopia, and Singapore.

This is the second crash involving a 737. Just a few months ago a Boeing 737 operated by Indonesia’s Lion airways crashed killing 181 passengers and eight crew members 12 min after takeoff. The lion airway flight departed for Depati Amir Airport in Pangkal Pinang from Soekarno–Hatta International Airport in Jakarta.

Others countries like the UK and Italy are continuing to fly the plane stating that it is still air worth and it’s too early to judge whether it is unfit to fly.

What Is The FAA Reaction To This Situation?

Despite the fatal crashed The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in Washington DC USA assured that Boeing 737 max was fit to fly in an announcement and continued to say that the cause of the crashes involving the 737 is still to be determined and it is too early to comment.

The FAA further said that if any problem is found, rectification action will immediately be taken.

How Grounding The 737 Will Effect Air Travel?

The new 737 plane is latest in the line of twin-engine technology allowing airlines to travel much further and offer more affordable air travel. As of January a total of 350, 737 planes have been produced and according to an estimated 4700 or more 737 are expected to be built.

The grounding of 737 has forced many airlines to cancel their flight resulting in a large number of displaced passengers. grounding of Boeing 737 has affected the transatlantic flights most.

Singapore’s Changi Airport which is the sixth busiest airport in the world and an important hub connecting the east with the west has seen a considerable reduction in air traffic since the planes have been grounded 

Many airlines are either returning the customers fair or booking flights on other airlines putting them in a loss. To avoid going into loss, many airlines have started using other planes in their fleet.

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