Friday, December 8, 2023
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Once Again Bollywood Gets Trolled On Twitter By Pakistanis

How many times Bollywood will get trapped in the net which they spread to Pakistan? Here is another ridiculous and failed try by Bollywood. A movie by the Indian film industry involved Arfa Tech. Park which is, in reality, located in Lahore. But somehow that tower flew to Islamabad and suddenly became the headquarter of ISI. Okay! this was the most idiotic thing done on the part of Bollywood. But Pakistani media noticed it and took trolling action against this false depiction on Twitter!

Twitter Is Overloaded With Funny Criticism

The point is that what is the possible issue of creating things which are not at all relevant. Bollywood might be famous because of the films and the actors but there is another fact which is very much popular about this industry. More than 51% of movies are based on copied content whereas the other 49% are anti-Pakistan.

This time the director and producers went so far and they shifted Arfa Tech Park from Lahore to Islamabad. Then they declared that this tower is ISI’s headquarters. Now my question is not from the producers but the viewers of that film. Guys, how can you spend even a single penny on such crap? I won’t even watch such rubbish for free!

Tweets on Twitter

I am not the only one who is asking this logical question, Twitter is overloaded with such comments and tweets.


Okay! There is more….

We never knew that in some other dimension Arfa Tech. Park was not located in Lahore but Islamabad. Here is another important news, vacancies are open in ISI which has headquarters in Afra. Interested candidates can apply!


Even Ubair Khan was able not to control his voice.

Need Of Logical Approach In Illogical Copies!

Bollywood needs to introduce a new and more perfect strategy of cheating the ideas from other movies. Before this Race 3 also had some technical errors, which got noticed. There must be a proper research on the script before spinning it. That seems the only way to avoid getting trolled over in future.

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