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Bonded Labor and Its Ills Effects on Society

Bonded labor refers to slavery resulting from a debt or bond. It is a kind of service that the service provider delivers to pay back against some service. Sometimes the bonded labor may not involve defining the type of service. Therefore, the person can be asked to do anything to pay back the debt.

Types of Bonded Labor

There can be different reasons behind the bonded labor. Let us look at its various forms.

Child Labor

Many children may be doing legal work for different organizations. However, many do not carefully inspect their working conditions. Unfortunately, among other heinous crimes, it also involves trafficking of the young children. Africa is one of the worst places for many children. Besides getting work from them, they may have to carry arms and ammunition. Thus, it destroys their childhood before it event starts. War-ravaged areas are particularly vulnerable to this kind of exploitation.

Domestic Servants

Sometimes, parents of the young or even adult individuals force them into domestic servitude. These children may be subject to emotional or physical abuse. Children are the most vulnerable of all in domestic servitude. One big problem with domestic bondage is limited access to the law enforcement agencies. Therefore, many of the crimes committed during domestic servitude go unnoticed. Many Middle Eastern and Asian countries’ wealthy people try to find children who are willing to serve in their houses. Thus, they may have to live in substandard living conditions without access to human rights.

Bonded Labor and Its Ills Effects on Society

Involuntary Servitude

Many individuals come under involuntary servitude when they try to escape from their current situation. Children and adults living in such difficult circumstances may be in danger of emotional or physical abuse. If they live in a foreign country, they may be living in constant fear of deportation. The people who usually face these circumstances often include unskilled labor or economic migrants. Many human traffickers take undue advantage of such people who want to live a better life abroad.

How Can We Fight Bonded Labor?

Here are some ways in which countries can get rid of this social evil.

Better Legislations

Sometimes, the human traffickers and exploiters take advantage of the loopholes in the legal system. Therefore, countries that have a massive influx of such immigrants must come up with stronger legislation. The same applies to domestic workers.

Coordination of Law Enforcement Agencies Across the Border

Besides Interpol and other international policing agencies, there must be better coordination across borders. Thus, better coordination can help discourage human traffickers.

Implementation of Law Provisions for Everyone

Every country in the civilized world has laws against the evil practice of bonded labor. However, each nation must ensure its fullest implementation to guarantee that no one can exploit any loopholes.

No matter how many labor days we celebrate, unless we act, they will never be able to get their due rights.

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