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MPs are Outraged at Boris Johnson’s Decision to Suspend Parliament

In a likely attempt to secure no-deal Brexit the British government led by Boris Johnson has requested the queen to suspend all parliamentary proceeding till mid-September. The decision has been met with great criticism from British MPs who are anti-Brexit or don’t want a no-deal Brexit.

Why Boris Johnson Would Have Asked for It?

It is not an unusual thing for the government to request the queen to suspend parliamentary proceedings to provide the MPs an opportunity to rest and recuperate. Such action is normally referred to as proroguing and requires the approval of the queen directly.

If the queen approves Boris Johnson’s decision this will mean that MPs will have a little to no time to discuss the alternate of no-deal Brexit or to do legislation on an acceptable Brexit deal. Due to this reason, the request of proroguing in such a crucial time was seen as an attack on democracy and a clear abuse of power.

Boris Johnson’s decision has sparked outrage among politicians and people who respect democratic values. A conservative front bench minister George Young has reportedly resigned expressing his discontent and anger over the decision.

Has This Happened for the First Time?

One conservative party MP in reply to the criticism on Boris Johnson’s decision of suspending parliament reminded everyone that this was not happening for the first time. Whenever a new government comes, it adopts the same procedures currently being executed by the government. If the action of the current government is out of line, then fix the legislature that has allowed it or those before it to execute the current proceedings.

The People Are Worth Fighting for Not the Parliament

Others, while commenting on the matter, opined that the parliament was not the sign of sovereignty; it was the people. The parliament is just a fallacy and a conjure of all sorts of the wrong and hence not something worth fighting for.

Come Together To Stop No Deal Brexit

The British opposition party leader Jeremey Corbin has called all MP to unite to prevent the prorogation from occurring and to do all they can to prevent a disastrous no-deal Brexit.

Some current and former MPs are calling public protests and a sit-down in parliamentary chambers until this problem is resolved.

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