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Boris Johnson likely to be UK PM after Liz Truss Quits

Conservative leader Liz Truss has resigned as the Prime Minister of United Kingdom after 45 days in office. This the shortest term for any PM in the history of UK. The elections for the new conservative party leader and the next UK PM will be on October 28, 2022.

Liz Truss became PM on September 6, succeeding Boris Johnson and defeating Rishi Sunak in 2022 Conservative Party leadership election. After her resignation, several contenders have entered this race to become the next leader. Among the favourites like Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt, and Ben Wallas, the name of Boris Johnson has generated a significant reaction. The ex-PM has some allies left after he was forced to resign over backlash from partygate scandal.

Can Boris Johnson Replace Liz Truss?

Boris Johnson’s allies are confident that ousted PM will make a historic comeback. However, critics have raised objections to that idea. Johnson has previously helped Tories win in 2019 elections but received backlash for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and multiple controversies. The ex-PM is under investigation by Commons Privileges Committee for “misleading” the parliament about breaking COVID lockdown rules in 10 Downing Street. Even the thought of him returning to the office has raised calls to abolish the Tory leadership contest and bring General Election.

Johnson’s Credibility under Question

Although making Brexit successful, the ex-PM left UK economy in a critical state. Moreover, the scandals like drinking and partying inside number 10 intensified the criticism. Now his attempt to take the office again has not gone well with Britains. They questioned his ethics and availability as the leader of the nation in time of crisis. They highlighted how Johnson spent most of the time on a vacation after resigning from office and was currently on holidays in Caribbean with his wife. Many raised concerns against giving a second term to Boris Johnson.

No More Tories

Despite scandals, Boris being the conservative member is another problem for the Britishers. Repeated political failures in the Kingdom have raised calls for the fresh start. Tories have dominated British politics throughout the 1900s. However, its newest form in the 2010s has been described as the one of the most powerful parties in the Western world.

Several Britains have been warning against the conservative leader ever since David Cameron became PM in 2010 and kick-started the modern Tory reign. The damage to UK economy under Tory government became clear when Liz Truss introduced massive tax cuts for the wealthy Britains. It landed the UK in currency crisis, which saw a sharp fall in pound against the US dollar. In her resignation speech Truss apologized that her policy, “Trussonomics”, didn’t work.

The episode also allowed critics to use some sarcasm and explain how Tories could exit themselves one day, without anyone else’s effort.

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