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Why Boxer Amir Khan Is Not Joining Pakistani Politics

On 20th October, British boxer Amir Khan expressed his wishes to enter politics in Pakistan. He also asked his fans to advise him on the subject. Khan conversed in a series of tweets which implied his unhappiness with the current political affairs of Pakistan. Apparently, the Olympic medalist is inspired by the Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao, who recently got elected as a senator in Philippines.

Khan belongs to a Pakistani Punjabi background which might have fueled his passion to do something for his ancestral land. He praised Pacquiao’s work as a politician since 2010. Khan is willing to help in any sector like education, sports, or eliminating child labor. His fans and followers have given distinctive advises which helped him reach a decision in the end. First, let’s see what kind of advises Khan received

Ambitions Of Boxer Amir Khan Turned Out Funny

It seems that Pakistanis don’t want to experiment with another sportsman-turned Prime Minister; the fact is evident from the responses Khan received on his tweets regarding his intentions to join politics. Some of them reacted sarcastically which shows how they have lost faith in the betterment of Pakistan. This one used a popular wow grape meme to tell a story of how appreciating phony ambitions can be dangerous

Many of them joked about how little knowledge he had about the multiple crises of Pakistan including, the poverty, inflation, and corruption

There is also an issue of ex-sportsmen trying to get close to politics in Pakistan. A legendary batsman Imran Khan failed his entire legacy by joining politics. So it is hard for majority to see another sportsman get sucked into the oblivion of politics

Well, those who follow boxing would understand how boxing fans were feeling when he mentioned his ambitions.

Strong Advice Against Joining Politics

Besides the fun part, his fans sincerely wanted him to stay away from this field while helping people. They gave examples of how he could help without joining the machine. He could hold various boxing events in his Islamabad Academy as this user suggested

Pakistan’s legendary boxer Hussain Shah has previously confronted Amir Khan, and accused him for forced acquisition of this academy.

Khan claimed that his heart was pure so his fans said if anyone’s heart is pure, he wouldn’t dare to take part in Pakistani politics.

His fans argued that his philanthropic efforts as also a mean to help people. They suggested to avoid the idea of falling into the devil’s playground and pursue other methods to achieve his goals.

They clarified the picture of Pakistani politics that is rotten at the core. It can take everything from a person and make him a target for critical and harmful forces. His fans wanted him to avoid this risky path and focus on contributing in welfare of society.

So The Advice Worked?

At first, Khan claimed to take a political path which sounded similar to the one PM Imran Khan took, which was connecting with the youth. He mentioned that the average age of Pakistan is in 20s so something had to be done for these so many young people.

However, two days later Khan changed his decision. It appeared that boxer Amir Khan was now suddenly impressed with the premier’s handling of the country. He showed faith in the current leader and announced to continue his charity work. His focus was mainly on making certain areas of Pakistan better and safer

It was not clear which politician or army general (as he spoke about sitting with them) offered him a role in politics. However, after speaking to his advisors it was clear that Khan was not joining politics.

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