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Was A Four Years Old Really Forced to Sleep on Floor in Leeds Hospital?

The picture of  four years old boy who was forced to sleep on a pile of coats placed on the floor at Leeds Hospital has sparked a national outcry against the Conservative party and its mandate . However hours later reports regarding the event being staged started coming forth.

NHS’s Leeds Hospital under Fire

A four years old named Jack was taken to the trauma and emergency center of Leeds hospital. According to media reports Jack was suffering from severe pneumonia. After being given treatment the four years old needed to sleep unfortunately the A&E didn’t have any beds available so the poor chap was forced to sleep on a pile of coats on the floor. A few hours later when a bed became available he was moved there immediately.

Shortly after jacks story aired reports stating that Jacks ordeal was fake started coming in. Daniel Sheridan a writer for the Yorkshire Evening Post and the journalist who first broke the story refuted claims regarding the story being fake and confirmed that a thorough investigation was done to verify the authenticity of the event.

 Dr Yvette Oade, Chief Medical Officer at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in a press statement apologized for the horrible ordeal Jack and his family had to go through. She further assured that both the Jack and his family were satisfied with the treatment they were given.

Another Conspiracy?

One again this incident has put the Conservatives  government and Boris Johnson who is viewed as the killer of NHS at the heart of all debates. With election coming up and voting polls soon to open some Brits are viewing this as nothing more than a distraction from the other more serious  problems the conservatives  have given birth to.

Boris Johnson While Responding To the Incident Had This to Say

Reports of a conservative party member who visited the Leeds Hospital to express his sorrow to the affected getting punched in the face also came forth but turned out to be false.

a video showing the MP entering the car came forth.

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