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People Are Boycotting Jimmy John Over Animals Cruelty

It’s not a hidden fact that the owner of Jimmy John (the famous food chain) has a taste for hunting and killing exotic animals then posing for a picture with them. Different animal rights groups and animal lovers have been calling for a boycott of Jimmy John Liautaud establishment for years but have failed to achieve anything significant.

It Seems Jimmy John is Jimmy Gone

The owner of Jimmy John, Jimmy John Liautaud is back in the headlines and yet again is getting a bashing like no other. Apparently, the 36-year-old restaurateur posted a picture with double thumbs up along a dead elephant and got attacked for such inhuman acts.

It is not unusual or an unheard thing for animals to show signs of compassion or mercy to other animals who need help at times. One Twitter user talked about an incident involving an elephant who refused to lay down logs in a pre-dug hole because a dog was sleeping in it. Why can’t Liautaud be like that?

It’s not the first time that the restaurateur has committed such inhuman acts. He’s posted pictures of himself with dead leopards and possibly the last female black rhino in the Magnetti national park. He’s a repeat offender who doesn’t give a dam about anything.

You Still Eat There?

According to some customers, the sandwiches served by the restaurant are horrible and aren’t worth eating. So who in their right mind would ever go to such a filthy place and eat god knows what.

I’ve Never Been There 

Other are trying to figure out how to boycott the place if they never ate there or never gotten stuff delivered to them from the place.

Well, people are not coming slow to boycott the owner of a fast-food chain for his coward act of killing animals and then celebrating.

Ironically some people have come forth showing their support for the culprit.

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