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New Trump Immigration Ban for Muslims In Works – HoursTV

Its Trump again and he is not stopping at anything. It looks like the court order against Trump ban did not deter him even a single bit. Trump insists, despite of the two battles lost against courts, that law is still with him.

Now, he wants to play the always played card in US Administration’s arsenal called “Threat to National Security”. And this time he believes that courts would strongly respond to situations where security of the US is at stake.

Instead of trying to force his way through by giving one executive order after other, he told his supporters to wait for a week this time. He said that statutory matters take more time but he was sure to win the ban on Muslims in his favour. He was confident that he even temporarily suspended the US refugee program for 120 days.

Trump’s Big U-Turn from Earlier Statement

At the time of imposing this so called traveling ban on seven Muslim-majority countries, he had said that he did not have to fight this ban in the courts. However, courts proved him wrong, not once but twice.

The new plan of Donald Trump is constructed around the security premises, and this time he is sure about it.

On one occasion, while talking to Reuters, he expressed his desire that the county must move forward and keep on doing things which are in the best interest of the US, as his slogan says, “America First”.

Why Might Trump Fail in his New Immigration Ban?

Trump Fail Again in his New OrderWell, the first time Trump came out guns blazing, he was very sure of his success. White House, however, failed to provide enough evidence that refugees or immigrants from these Muslim countries actually undermined the security of the US or were involved in terrorism related activities.

In response to Trump’s executive order, an appellate court unequivocally maintained the block, as passed by a lower court earlier.

So far this type of miserable failure of White House in a legal battle put question marks on the competency of Trump’s legal team. Many in Washington believe that the legal team in Trump’s Administration should have been able to see the legal repercussions of this order before it was passed. Had they been more vigilant, it would have saved the Trump Administration a great deal of embarrassment.

And if Trump’s Administration again fails to come up with sufficient evidence to convince courts, they might actually fail again. And the new Trump immigration ban executive order may also fail to deliver the bottom-line.

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