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Brawl in Disneyland Park Leaves Bystanders Shocked

To many of us, when we think of Disneyland, we think of rides and a chance to meet some of our favorite Disney characters. We think of it as a place where there will be a complete absence of negativity, but after looking at this video, you’ll definitely rethink about going there.

Showdown in Disneyland

The police are still investigating as to what went down, and whose fault was it, so nothing can be said for sure but based on the video footage that is circulating on social media a fight broke out between two black men in Disneyland’s Toon town.

In the footage, you can clearly see a black male warring a red t-shirt harshly speaking with another black couple for reasons not known yet. A few seconds later, all hell breaks loose, and a massive fight erupts, in which the black man in the red t-shirt goes on a wild rampage and attacks the other couple.

A black teenage girl and women on a scooter tries to stop the fight but fails. The situation further escalates and comes to an end when the black man in the red t-shirt gets put down with the help of a group of men from the crowd. The police later arrived and take control of the situation.

Such Acts Will Not Be Tolerated

In response to the brawl, the management of the theme quickly tweeted that any guest involved in such acts will be removed from their property and handed over to the police. The company further condoned the action of the individuals involved.

Need More Training

It took the security too long to respond to the the time they arrived on scene the crowd had taken matters into its own hand’s. This is a major security lapse that could have caused further problems.

In response to the video and growing criticism, the police assured the people that an investigation was being conducted.

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