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Brexit Committee Warns of Consequences of No Deal

The Brexit Committee has warned of consequences in case the UK fails to reach an agreement with the EU.

The MPs clearly stated that the Prime Minister Theresa May’s claim of “No Deal Is Better Than Bad Deal” may not be the next best thing.

However, some of the members of the committee did feel the view to be too negative or pessimistic about the outcome of Brexit.

Theresa May earlier told reporters that her government was preparing for all kinds of scenarios.

Theresa May triggered Article 50 a few days ago to start the Brexit negotiation process formally. Theresa May said that she was

“very clear that I want to get the best deal possible for the UK.”

The Brexit Committee Report

The aim of the Brexit Committee report was to evaluate government’s goals for the UK’s EU exit negotiations. The government had set out 12 principles, touching several important points including migration control.

Here is what the report say about government’s approach.

“The government has talked about walking away from a bad deal, but has not yet explained what terms would be demonstrably worse for the UK than ‘no deal.”

The report also called to have a detailed analysis of Brexit’s legal, economic, and other ramifications. It also pointed to the fact that government must come up with ways to mitigate the damages caused because of Britain’s EU exit.

MP Hilary BennSimilarly, MPs were of the view that Theresa May’s government must have a vote if it failed to reach a deal with the EU.

Here is what MP Hilary Benn had to say about it.

“If the government is going to make this assertion that no deal would be better than a bad deal, I think everyone would expect the government to have done some assessment. They should make an assessment. Because in the absence of the government explaining what mitigating measures it would take to deal with that outcome, to say that no deal is better than a bad deal is unsubstantiated.”

No Brexit Negotiations Until Sufficient Progress

The EU published the guidelines for Brexit, saying the negotiations will only start after Britain has made sufficient progress on the withdrawal process.

Some of the Important Points Made

Here are some of the critical points made by the Brexit Committee report.

  • The status of the EU nationals cannot be left unattended.
  • The government needs to recognize the difference in negotiating priorities of different regions in the UK including the Welsh.
  • The parliament must have a vote in case Britain has to leave without a deal.
  • The government of Theresa May needs to understand the different situation of Wales from other parts of the UK.
  • The government of the Britain must share information on Brexit with the Welsh Government.
  • The UK must attain assembly’s consent for the Brexit legislation.
  • The UK government must prioritize the securing of the Free Trade Agreement.

Jonathan Edwards Verdict

Jonathan Edwards VerdictOne of the Brexit Committee’s members Jonathan Edwards wanted to pass an amendment that National Assembly of Wales, Northern Ireland Assembly, and Scottish Parliament must endorse the final deal. However, he got his amendment defeated as he got only four votes in favor and eleven against it.

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