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Brexit could impact EU nationals in the UK – Oxford University

Academics at Oxford University that many academicians would leave Britain because of poor treatment of EU nationals in the UK.

UK’s University’s Reliance on EU Nationals in the UK

The right to work in the UK is essential for the EU citizens in the UK to actively dispense their duties. Let us have a look at what Oxford academicians had to say about the situation in the UK.

“Oxford University relies on EU citizens as lecturers, researchers and support staff. If they lost their right to work here, our university would suffer enormous damage which, given our role in research, would have reverberations across the U.K.”

The Brits made the decision to get out of the EU through Brexit around eight months ago. However, the uncertainty around the fate of the EU nationals in the UK still looms on. Similarly, UK citizens in the EU are also not sure about their future.

Earlier, House of Lords voted to make the government protect rights of the EU nationals in the UK. The British Government at that time accused Lords of playing with fire and also labeling them as doing a disserve to the nation.

EU Nationals in Panic

EU Nationals in the UK PanicEU nationals in the UK have panicked over government’s regulations. The Home Office may remove some of the EU citizens if they do not have CSI (Comprehensive Sickness Insurance).

A new briefing posted by a barrister who specializes in Immigration Law reveals that Home Office has acquired new yet controversial powers to start removing EU nationals from the UK starting 1st February.

The Home Office may remove EU citizens in the UK who do not have CSI and the right of residence. Many of the EU Nationals including some students and spouses of UK citizens may fall into that category. Most of the European Nationals in the United Kingdom are entitled to use NHS, which means they do not need any insurance.

Home Office Response to the Interpretation

The Home Office says that their new guidance is incorrectly interpreted and these regulations are not anything new. The British Government, according to the Home Office, will not remove European Citizens from Britain if they do not have CSI.

Here is what spokesperson for the Home Office had to say in response to the rumors.

“It is completely wrong to say that we have new powers to deport EU citizens without comprehensive sickness insurance. EU citizens will not be removed from the UK or refused entry solely because they do not have this insurance. Their right to remain will remain unchanged while we are a member of the European Union and they do not need any additional documents to prove their status.”

European Union citizens living and working in the UK face a lot of uncertainty and chaos. The UK government must take steps to protect the rights of the EU citizens residing in the country as Britain still needs to negotiate Brexit. Similarly, it also has to balance its priorities right when negotiating on the main issues like immigration and access to a single market.

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