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Brexit Deal Agreement Finally Reached Between UK and EU

The new Brexit deal finally takes place between Great Britain and the European Union. Thus, the new development in Britain’s exit from EU will go to the next phase. The latest updates suggest no hard border with Ireland. Also, the British Prime Minister has said that the country will protect EU citizen’s rights. Furthermore, she expects the same kind of treatment for the British citizens living in the EU.

Amount of Brexit Deal Divorce Bill

The Downing Street estimates the Brexit bill to be between £35bn and £39bn. The President of the European Commission terms it as a breakthrough. Furthermore, he remains confident that the leaders in the EU will support it.

The EU leaders are meeting next week at a European Council summit. They would have to back the new Brexit deal. Once they give the green light, the process of trade talks will begin formally.

Brexit Deal

A Year’s Time to Iron Out Future Relationship Status

Once the EU leaders decide on the agreement, Great Britain will be given a year to determine nature of its relationship with the European Union. Besides the United Kingdom, nations in the European Union will also make their decisions relating to Brexit.

The Northern Ireland’s DUP still wants more work on border management issues. Also, DUP wants to see the final contents before it would go to vote. Mrs. May will even need her party’s backing for winning support in Westminster.

Guarantees of the New Brexit Deal

Here are the assurances obtained in this newly signed deal between Britain and the European Union.

  • There will be no hard border between the Republic and Northern Ireland.
  • The UK will maintain its economic and constitutional integrity. Thus, DUP supports no red line along the Irish Sea. Therefore, no separation between the British waters from that of Northern Ireland.
  • Citizens of the UK in EU and citizens of EU in the UK will have their rights adequately They would be able to study, live, and work safeguarded without any hindrances. The agreement also mentions reunification rights of relatives explicitly.
  • There are no official figures shared in the draft. However, the amounts mentioned above are reference figures only, given by the Downing Street.

The border issue between the Republic and Ireland remains a contentious one. There is a disagreement between DUP and other stakeholders. The UK and the European Union want no border and the free flow of goods after the conclusion of the Brexit discussions. However, DUP intends to have a harder border after the completion of the Brexit negotiations.

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