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Brexit Negotiations to Start as Anticipated

The Brexit negotiations started as per the original schedule of the big event. The Brexit Secretary Mr. David Davis will have a meeting with Michael Barnier, the Chief Negotiator for the EU.

It is the first in the European Union’s history that an EU country wants to exit from the union. If the Brexit negotiations successfully go through, Britain will be out of the EU by March 2019.

During the first day in Brussels, after the meetings in the morning, EU’s Chief Negotiator and Britain’s Brexit Secretary are expected to hold a joint press conference.

Prelude to Trust Building Before the Brexit Negotiations

Brexit Negotiations Start As AnticipatedThe political analysts believe the purpose of this first meeting is to build trust. The politicians in Britain and Brussels exchanged some harsh statements on the matter. Therefore, the first session will aim to normalize the relations and help both parties understand the expectations.

Britain’s Brexit Sectary says that there will be challenges to overcome. Furthermore, he believes the two sides are going to work to the best interest of their citizens. Also, he believes that the negotiations will start in a positive environment, focusing on the productive partnership between the two sides.

The Chancellor Philip Hammond warned the consequences of reaching a no deal for the Brexit. He said that Britain must work with the EU to reach a deal. However, he further added that a failure to reach the agreement would result in an adverse outcome for the United Kingdom.

The Environment Secretary said that he thinks a deal to get Britain out is good for the country. Furthermore, he stated that Britain’s exit would help the UK revise its fishery industry. The Secretary believes that Brexit would protect farmers and contribute to reducing food prices.

On this occasion, the Former Chairman of Marks and Spencer said that he was assured of Britain considering the economic costs. Similarly, he stated that the ministers also need to communicate with the public.

Businesses Call for Softer Brexit

Similarly, five of the most important UK industry bodies want softer Brexit. They want the Britain to guarantee a single market access to the European market until finalization of Brexit. The business groups want a flexible system to facilitate the movement of the labor and skills.

The current negotiations come against a lost majority of Theresa May in the parliament. Therefore, Britain will face internal and external challenges to go through these tough Brexit negotiations. Similarly, the Conservatives will also have to find advocates for supporting them in making important decisions.

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