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Brexit Talks Can Impact the UK’s Regulatory & Economic Integrity

The Brexit talks are not going well for the UK. There is an apparent fall out between the Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. Some of the MEPs seeing the initial draft suggest that Britain could not stand against the Irish demand for the separate regulatory framework. Thus, EU will remain in alignment with Ireland after completion of the negotiation process, something that many in the UK do not want.

Theresa May Concedes to Ireland’s Demands

The British PM has conceded to the demands of the Ireland, initial reports suggest. Since Conservatives had an alliance with the DUP, requiring a lot of political compromises. One such understanding is listening to the demands of the Ireland’s DUP and making sure to meet the commitments made right after the UK’s costly snap elections 2017.

Implications for the New Draft During Brexit Talks

The MEPs seeing the draft consider it a dangerous proposition for Great Britain. Britain leaving the European Union may not impact Irelands’ relationship with the EU. Thus, it would imply that Ireland keeps the access to the single market if the UK fails to reach a favorable Brexit deal.

However, many in the UK remain hopeful that the language is not that enforcing. Thus, they continue optimistic that there would be a deal between the UK and the EU.

Ireland pins its hopes to the phrase “regulatory alignment” in the initial draft.

Therefore, it wishes to have a chance of separate negotiations should there arise a need for it. Northern Ireland’s current leadership believes that it is in the best place since the start of the talks.

Brexit Talks

Opposition Party in Northern Ireland Disagrees

The Northern Ireland’s opposition party, Democratic Unionists, holds a different view. Arlene Foster, a leader of the party, stated that the British province must also have EU exit like the rest of Great Britain after Brexit talks. Furthermore, the party leader added that UK’s constitutional and economic integrity needs to remain intact. Even many other parties and the public, in general, do not agree to this type of preferential treatment for Ireland.

Scotland Also Wants Single Market Access

Brexit talks and any conceding will have long-term repercussions for the UK’s regulatory and economic integrity. We all know about the two Scottish Independence Referendums held so far. A lot of people in Scotland want to remain with the EU after the fall out of the UK from the European Union.

However, they are not given a choice to select the right option for themselves. Theresa May’s statements suggest she has other ideas for Scotland. We all know Nicola Sturgeon, one of the prominent Scottish leaders who is a proponent of Scottish Independence. Her publicly known views on the issue support an independent Scotland that has free access to the EU’s single market. Therefore, we could find Scotland demanding the same kind of relationship with the EU after the conclusion of the negotiations.

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