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BRIT Awards 2021 Prove to be Historic Night for Women

For a long time in history, male artists have always won at least half or more than half of the awards in mixed categories. However, Brit Awards 2021 saw women won 85% of the mixed awards. From Billie Eilish, Arlo Parks, to Haim, all made the viewers proud and teary-eyed after watching male-dominated Brits every year.

The biggest musical night in England presented the indoor crowd with breathtaking performances by Dua Lipa, Elton John, and The Weeknd. Dua also became a top winner and won fans’ hearts with a killer speech. Overall the event was praised as much as it was criticized last year for being heavily male-biased.

Live Crowd Returns to Brit Awards 2021

Brit Awards 2021 was marked as the first large-scale indoor event during the pandemic. It was held as a part of the state-backed research program, which looked into how the audience can safely return to live events. According to the reports, scientists were monitoring the whole event and trying to track any potential chances of contamination.

A spokesperson for the Brits said that the findings of this research will help the government to devise their approach and policy accordingly for future events.

Dua Lipa Calls for Pay Rise for Frontline Workers in Health Sector

Dua Lipa not only topped the winners’ list at Brit Awards 2021 but also used the platform to raise her voice for a social cause. She called out Boris Johnson to let him know that she and her fans fully support a fair pay rise for NHS frontline staff.

She picked up the award for her album Future Nostalgia, which dominated UK charts for weeks. She also won an award for the best solo female artist, which brought her total number of Brits to 5.

Weeknd Gets What Belonged to Him

Weeknd protested on social media when Grammys 2021 snubbed nominations for top music artists. He was also not nominated, despite having one of the biggest hits this year with Blinding Lights. He and his fans expressed massive anger and criticized the Grammys for unfair nominations. Brit Awards 2021 not only gave him a chance but also something which would have been an honor for him. It was none other than Michelle Obama who presented Weeknd with the Brits on a video call. He gave a performance over the video as well.

Taylor Swift Wins Global Icon Award

To make the night memorably historic, Taylor Swift became the first female star ever to receive the Global Icon Award. This award was previously received by the likes of Elton John, David Bowie, and Robbie Williams. Taylor continues to build her legacy as a singer for an entire generation with 11 Grammys, 78 billion video streams, and 114 million albums sold.

Harry Style’s Outfit

With a lot of women with so many victories, Harry Styles appeared in a getup that seemed like a celebration of the achievement made by women. He was again supporting a feminine dress just like in the covers of Vogue magazine. He donned a white and brown suit by Gucci which made every other woman drool over his looks.

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