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British Airways Disruption Continues Amid Passenger Chaos

British Airways disruption continues without any break for the passengers. British Airways disruption cause given so far relates to power supply failure. These power failures according to the company affected its IT systems.

All of the company’s systems are not running at this point. However, British Airways representative says the company cannot do anything else at this stage.

One of the experts of air transport recently revealed that British Airways disruption does not just relate to customers. The problem spills over to other areas too like operational and administrative.

Cost Cutting Measures and British Airways Disruption

BA recently outsourced several of its IT functions to India in 2016. The GMB Union says that this system outage serves an example of the ill effects of outsourcing. Nothing can be said now with certainty. However, a thorough and fair investigation can only reveal the exact cause of the BA disruption.

In response to this sharp criticism, British Airways said that it has over 35,000 employees in the UK. Furthermore, The company maintains that it hires around 1,000 people a year with an apprenticeship program.

Help to British Airways Passengers

British Airways DisruptionThe airline is offering help to deal with British Airways disruption. Here are some options are given to the customers.

  • The passengers can rebook a flight up to November 2017.
  • The customers must keep receipts relating to accommodation, transportation, and food. They can reclaim the money from Customer Relations team of BA.
  • The company wants the passengers to use “Manage My Bookings” on British Airway’s website to get first-hand information.
  • The company claims its CEO’s video on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube got over 175,000 views.  British Airways officials say they are doing everything in their power to communicate with customers.

Further Struggle with the Systems

British Airways Disruption may have multiple causes behind. BA says its staff is not able to use the system, making it difficult to give information to customers quickly. The company ran into multiple IT problems. It states that it cannot use its systems for sending emails and text to customers. It means they are not able to communicate passengers with flight schedules.

The inability of the airline to contact passengers is creating havoc. Passengers coming to board a flight cannot find the schedule and relevant information. There is no mentioning of flight cancellations.  

Cost Reimbursements Due to British Airways Chaos

The Airline will refund the following expenses as per the given below limits.

  • £200 for accommodation cost for people sharing an accommodation of 2.
  • £50 for any transportation costs incurred by the passengers.
  • £25 per day for each adult spent on refreshments and meals.

A Wedding Got Cancelled Due to BA Flight Delays

A couple had a wedding at their Greek Island. However, they had to postpone their wedding after their guests got stuck at the Heathrow Airport. Sam Sciortino and Laura Thomson were planning a wedding on Sunday. However, they will now have their marriage ceremony on Monday.

Short and Long Term Implications for British Airways

The current British Airways Disruption will dearly cost the airline. Despite the video message from its CEO, it will have a massive impact on the airlines. The British Airways has 600 flights coming into and going out of the Heathrow Airport each day. One-third of flights from Heathrow did not take off on Sunday. Aviation experts warn of enormous costs accumulating for the airlines.

The passengers are unhappy about this massive disruption. Some say they are not happy with the lack of leadership at the airlines. Some passengers state that because of the IT systems failure they cannot cancel their flights. It was a long weekend with ideal British weather to travel with friends and family. It will not go well with people who had planned their holidays in advance. This disruption at BA will surely have its long term repercussions for the company and its brand.

Airlines have lately been in trouble for different reasons. For example, the overbooking by United Airlines lead to severe criticism from passengers. There were chaotic scenes onboard and a video by another passenger made the story viral within few hours.

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