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British Airway Resumes Its Flight Operations in Pakistan

The British airway after ten long years has finally decided to reinitiate flights between Pakistan and the UK.  The flight operator had decided to leave due to increasing terrorist and insurgency attacks in Pakistan in 2008.

The First British Airway Plane Will Land on Monday

The first British Airways flight in last decade landed in Islamabad at 9:15 AM. The flight has reportedly 240 passengers on board.  BA will operate three flights a week and will increase them upon demand.

 On this occasion the British high commissioner, while talking to the media expressed his good will sentiments. He talked about new tourism and business opportunities that would follow. He further opined that events like this would cement the relationship between the two countries and help promote a positive image of Pakistan encouraging other European airways to initiate their operations.

Welcoming the British Airways Flight

The first commercial flight to of British Airways was received by various ministerial and governmental employees associated with hospitality and tourism departments. The return of the airways to Pakistan for many is yet another triumph for Imran Khan.

Before khan other heads of states also tried to convince the British carrier to return to Pakistan but failed. Ever since Imran Khan became the new PM, the world has started looking at Pakistan with a different perspective.

The International Body Trusts the Government

The minister of information and technology Dr. Firdous Aashique Awan while commenting on this auspicious occasion stated that the arrival of British Airways back to Pakistan reflected the level of trust the international bodies have on the current government and further proved Pakistan being a peaceful nation.

British airway chief commissioner while talking to the media told that they after re-evaluating and reassigning the ground situation of Pakistan have decided to return. They were hoping this would further help them forge stronger bonds with the country.

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