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British Jews Slam UK Chief Rabbi For his Anti-Corbyn Views

British Jews are outraged after the chief rabbi of  UK called labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn anti-semitic and a political tool for racist Torry regime.

British Jews Rally to Support Corbyn

On 26 November, the chief Rabbi of UK published an article in times magazine calling Jeremy Corbyn and the labour party of promoting anti-semitism. This didn’t settle well with the British Jews who, contrary to the chief rabbi claim that the labor party leader on multiple occasions has very openly stated that he and his party in no way supported or endorsed any form of racism.

Jenny Manson Co-Chairperson of Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) is a political wing of the labour party that consists of British Jews who support labour party’s manifestos and rebuke the anti-Semitic allegation place on Jeremy Corbyn by the chief rabbi of UK.

Jews from all walks of life support him

Jews from all walks of life are coming together to voice their support for the labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn. John Bercow, who has served England as the parliamentary speaker for two consecutive terms, dismissed the rabbi’s allegation.

Racism Is A Tool Of Division

Professor Annabelle Sreberny, a member of the JVL, called the rabbi’s claims a farce described the rabbi’s actions as Israeli propaganda that aims to divide the country through racism. She further called the Torry party as an Israeli tool.

Corbyn, like many others, has strongly opposed the action of the Israeli state and has often criticized the Israeli government openly, making him a target of the Israeli establishment. Its well-known fact that those who have opposed the Israeli state have often faced similar allegations in an attempt to silence those who oppose them.

Even orthodox Jews who are considered to be the most reserved and conservative people amongst the Jews stepped into the limelight to express their anger. 

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