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Brits are Appalled by the British MPs Behavior in the EU

It seems the Brits have finally cracked under the weight of Brexit which seemed to have become mission impossible due to inabilities of both parties to negotiate a deal. Recently, when the EU (European Union) national anthem was being played in EU parliament British MPs who were a part of the EU parliament refused to get up at first and when they finally did they turned their backs towards the EU parliament speaker.

Man these British MPs are Getting Lit Like Hell

For a person to represent his country in such a prestigious thing and for a chance to represent his country on an international platform like the EU is nothing more than a cherry on top. According to opinion, British MPs needed to exercise themselves in a dignified manner.

A referendum that started on 23 June 2016 has landed the UK in a pot full of boiling water or out of the frying pan and into the fire. It was meant to change the fate of the Uk and make life easier for its residents but it has effectively divided the country into two. With half a majority voting to leave and the other half voting to stay as members of the EU.

We Apologise For Our MPs Behavior

Looking at the way the British MPs acted British citizens are apologizing to their European counterparts and friends who reside in EU countries.

Such an act of stupidly will only bring shame and isolation to a country.  Not to mention it’s a perfect way to make more dissidents who can cause hurdle in the way of effective negotiation of Brexit deal.

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