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British Supreme Court Overturns PM’s Prorogation Decision

The British Supreme Court on early morning Tuesday overturned Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue the parliament five weeks before the Brexit.

Supreme Court on Boris Johnson’s Decision to Suspend Parliament

After a three-day emergency hearing that exposed the flaws in the country’s fundamental unwritten laws last week, the court declared the PM’s decision to prorogate the parliament unlawful. Lady Hale read the sentence in the presence of seven of the 11 judges who presided the original hearing.

The sentence read the Supreme Court finds the prime minister’s decision to prorogue the British parliament as unlawful as it prevented it from adequately preforming its job and cause great frustration. As a result of this decision, any prior arrangement is now null; henceforth the parliament will convene as soon as possible.

A Day to Celebrate for Those Who Believe in Democratic Values

After hearing the court’s decision, anti-Brexiter are overjoyed and are having a hard time confining it.

Other feel that the Supreme Court’s decision reflects that Boris Johnson is unfit to lead. He should resign from his position as Prime Minister, and a general election should be conducted.

Since the beginning, a majority of the British people have been opposed to Boris Jonson becoming the prime minister as he has lied and manipulated the people on so many occasion just to save his hide.

All Power to An Independent Judiciary

For a country to function correctly, it must have a strong and independent judiciary system that governs over the state matters unbiasedly. It allows the people regardless of who or what they are to appear before them and demand their right or defend it.

To the surprise of many Boris Johnson’s birthplaces a fact that technically makes him American. He’s often been caught on camera saying that immigrants who break UK’s laws should be deported. Now that the court has ruled his action unlawful as per his say he should be sent back.

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