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Do Britney Spears Sons Hate Their Mother?

Britney Spears has fired back at her ex-husband Kevin Federline for publically revealing private matters. Federline recently told the media that Britney Spears sons, Sean Preston (16) and Jayden James (15), did not want to see their mother. The singer had previously called out her sons on social media for acting “hateful” during the visiting days. Following a split with Federline, the children lived with their father, and Brtiney only met them through arranged visits.

Are Britney Spears Sons Rude to Her?

In a now-deleted post, Britney complained that despite her best efforts, the boys have continued to be distant from her. She said she knew how hard it was to deal with teenagers, but it did not mean they treated their mother like that. Recalling the time with her sons, she said they would prefer to stay in thier room and lock the door. There was “a monitor” over there as well who made sure Britney did not “disturb” her sons while they were in their room.

Britney questioned the point of these visits if the boys were not even going to talk to her. She expressed pain over her children’s request to stay away from her. The singer also mourned that she always tried hard to get thier love which may have stopped them from coming to see her.

Spears also slammed Federline for alleging that boys hate thier mother for posting nudes on Instagram. She said that he was being irresponsible as there was no truth to this statement. She also clarified that she had complete freedom to do anything now that the conservatorship was finally over.

Controversial Video of Singer Yelling at her Sons

Federline also shared a video in which Britney was yelling at her sons while they were in bed. In one clip, she was seen asking the boys to be respectful to her and treat her like a woman with worth. Another clip showed her taking away Preston’s phone as a punishment for going into a store without shoes. She used words like, “have you lost your f*cking mind” and “I am shocked as f*ck with you”. Then she was heard saying she did not know what to do with them, and she was scared of them because they were going through puberty. However, in the end, she assured them that she cared about them, which is why her tone seemed aggressive.

The video backfired for Federline as social media users caught the scent of what was going on. They said that Federline used the footage to portray Britney as a “bad mother” but ignored visible motherhood. All people saw was a mother trying to be a parent to her kids while her family was controlling her life under controversial guardianship. Many reckoned that Federline was just using Britney Spears sons as weapons to say that ending her conservatorship was a bad idea.

Custody Situation with Federline

The custody agreement for Britney Spears sons is another controversy. Initially, it was reported that they share their kids 50/50, but in 2019, they legally changed it to 70/30 in Federline’s favour. As part of that agreement, Britney was also ordered to pay 110,000 USD to her ex-husband to cover the legal costs. In addition to that, she was already paying the child support and other expenses for the kids amounting to 35,000 USD, but Federline wanted more. He reportedly demanded 60,000 USD but finally settled on 45,000 USD.

Even after winning the conservatorship case, the custody agreement between the 2 is the same. As far as Britney’s relationship with her sons is concerned, it is a topic of mystery as her private life was strategically shrouded during the 13-year conservatorship.

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