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People Aren’t Happy With Prime Minister Boris Johnson

British must become accustomed to hearing Prime Minister Boris Johnson; who will become new Prime Minister of England as he has won the conservative party elections. But a look at Twitter trend #NotMyPM shows that Brits are not happy for their new PM.

Prime Minister Borish Johnson… Oh No !!!

England has decided to leave the European Union by hook or by crook by the end of this year.

Despite the utmost desires of British people not to see Boris as the new head of state, his Twitter user thinks that Brexit process with Boris would be fun.

And this political scientist can’t seem to believe it.

Here Is How Liberals Feel Regarding Borish Johnson

A tit for tat this is. The Brits have made fun of the Americans for choosing Donald Trump as their next President now I guess you can say the scoreboard is even.

Is it time for Brits to leave the UK.

Drawing analogies between Donald Trump and Boris Johnson.

Does Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan also qualifies for this list because he said things like Germany and Japan share borders.

While commenting on Ex-Priminister of England Theresa May, Johnson appreciated her for her valiant efforts and the steps she took to improve the state’s affairs. To May this was hypocrisy because before him winning the election Boris was one of the most prominent oppositional figures that she  had to face

Summed-Up Reactions

If Boris Johnson enters Downing Street, this is what you will see

This reaction on Boris Johnson’s becoming of Prime Minister was not unexpected. Back in June when Theresa May had announced about her resignation Brits had taken to social media to express their fears regarding this. Johnson had opposed Theresa May on Brexit deal. Now it will be interesting to see how the new Prime Minister will handle the matter in a way that it is in the best interest of British people while fulfilling its essence.

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