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I Belong to A Broken Home Means That I Have No Right To Live Happily?

Topic of the broken home has been discussed so many times over several platforms making these issues a source of discouragement for those who suffer this trauma. Why do people she empathy towards these children who have faced such circumstances once in their lives? Well, the answer behind it is that those who plant the flowers of sympathy towards such children or people have no idea what a broken home is!

So Let’s See A Proper Definition Of Broken Homes,

A broken home is a term which is used in conducting the term of separation between a family. Just because where a family lives seem home to people they have made a condition that this specific home is broken when half of the family decides to change their path and haven from others!

Precisely, in the words of our society;

When the parents get separated from each other through any means, for example, either one spouse dies or cheat or both dies or both decide to change their ways broken homes happen! but not for those parents, this syndrome is for the children only!


Why Are Kids From Broken Home Gets Targetted?

Now the question here is that what could be the possible reason behind this trauma attacking the children of these families only? No one will answer if you ask this question, they will trap you by giving few examples and saying the brought up of these children is very much unsatisfying for this society.

But the reality is that these kids, even when they grew up are taken as an epidemic in this society. Here everyone wants to have a perfect family yet no one knows what a family is! That is the reason why this culture blames those who never experienced this “Perfect Family era” throughout their life till the portion where everyone points out them as a riot.

Why we target Females only?

In most of the cases, society blames females, and their attribute is always targetted. Even though majority time, especially in Asia men cheat on their partners. Still, most of the silly people think if a female belongs to a broken home she will be the reason for breaking her relationship as well! (Rubbish!)

Now, this doesn’t end here, if two partners want to separate the ways they never think about what their children will do and with whom those kids will survive? The point here is that those kids get accused of being a part of that broken home by the society, and these kids are also accused by their parents who think that due to these children they are sacrificing their lives!

Well somehow if we see this as a prospect of a normal human, I don’t see even a ray of humanity or hope here in this relevant topic. Society never blames parents they think that children of those home don’t belong to be a part of their home. Many young girls face rejection just because they belong to a broken home! Still, the parents who are the reason behind this situation give explanations or now in modern times; they don’t bother explaining as well!

Here no one is getting targeted. Instead, a real and accurate picture of this society is being presented! People think that the brought up of children with broken homes is not according to their requirement.

Theory Of Behaviorism

Well, these people have no idea that there is a theory of Behaviourism by B.f Skinner, on which most of the language learning is based. This theory states that

Whatever An indivisual learns it’s the result of the atmosphere

But there is another theory by Noam Chomsky called “Mentalism” According to this theory

All the attributs including lanuage and beehaviour is controlled by mental approach of the indiviusual

But here I would like to say that both theories combine and provides you another theory, Called “Perception and Rejection,” what I would like to name it.

When the indivisual see, observes, it adapts what needs to be adapted and then develops a behaviour according to his/her mental approach!

Why would someone want to face a trauma they suffered in their childhood again? There is always an urge of having a complete home in the children of broken homes. They don’t deserve your sympathy but understanding that they can also be the shining star of someone’s life and home without burning it!

These individuals are more sensitive, and I think their past makes them sturdier, intend and focused if society allows them to be what they are, without judging them on their parent’s decisions and their history then life would be a lot better and bright for these people also.

I also think that being a divorce or widowed has nothing to do with being a characterless or unethical human if you are not happy or content in a relationship then, every religion allows you to change your path. Unless you are not a cheater or you haven’t deceived anyone, nobody has the right to object your struggle or decisions you make!

So if you are a single parent and you fear that your children will get accused of your past then don’t struggle to hide it, instead develop and groom kids into individuals who will accept themselves for what they are and embrace it a feature!

It nothing but fortune who decides what will come in our path and it’s no one but we ourselves who decide whether to face it or hide under the transparent blanket of escapism!

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