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Bryan Adams Is Sorry for Racist Comments Intended to Promote Veganism

Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams apologized for his racist comments on social media about the bat-eating people whom he considered responsible for the spread of novel coronavirus.

In his apology post, Bryan Adams shared a song titled INTO THE FIRE and apologized in the caption. He stated that he wanted to apologize to all who took offence to his previous post. He added that he just wanted to point out animal cruelty in wet-markets and he considered it to be the possible source of the virus.

He stated that he loved all and supported all people suffering around the world.

Canadian singer Bryan Adams apologized after extreme backlash and criticism on his earlier racist comments. 

In the previous post, Adams shared a song video that was supposed to be played in Royal Albert Hall on the northern edge of South Kensington, London. But the concert got canceled due to coronavirus pandemic. Singer captioned the song video and blamed the bat eating and wet animal market for the deaths and suffering people. He suggested them to go vegan.

Bryan Adams became a global star for “Summer of ’69” and “Heaven” songs in 1984. Bryan who was born in Kingston, Ontario currently lives in London.

Social Media Condemns Bryan Adams Racist Comments

That blaming the bat eaters for coronavirus post by Bryan Adams was widely condemned on social media. It simply brought havoc. The perceived act of racism against Asians by singer received mixed reviews.

 President of the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice Amy Go issued a racism incident reporting form. She stated that the comment of singer was so so so so racist.

Chinese-Canadian actor Simu Liu posted Bryan Adams Tweet which was later deleted by the singer from twitter. Simu Liu stated that it was not his intention to ‘go at’ or ‘cancel’ but he just wanted to identify posts like this that enabled the acts of hate and racism. He hoped from Bryan to do better for the millions who look up to him like he does.

He further added that he had no intention to promote xenophobia and this virus had made everyone a little testy.

Canadian Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq also criticized Bryan Adams.

Timothy Caulfield Professor of health law and science policy at the University of Alberta criticized Bryan on hate baiting and scientifically wonky tweet. He opined that aggressive message by influencer help no one

People slammed Bryan Adams for irresponsible social media posts that can provoke racism. As this user opined that he always preferred DJ Sammy’s cover of Bryan Adams song Heaveninstead.

Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, anti-asian racism in the west is rising. The pandemic may end but such hate mongering may last for decades in already polarized world.

Was It Really A Racist Comment?

Not everyone considered that the Candian singer’s post was racist. Some thought that Bryan Adam’s social media comment was not racist if the singer did not mention a specific group of people and conveyed his point simply.

There were also those who supported Bryan Adams’s social media post and considered that China was responsible for this pandemic. Further, there is no lack of people who believe that the coronavirus spread in every nook and corner of the world because China mishandled it.

Award-winning Journalist, Alex Pierson blamed China for lying about the virus. She further stated that  people should look into the barbaric and unregulated practices in wet markets where animals are being cooked and skinned alive

Folks considered being non-vegetarian was the reason of pandemic and said crying over racism when people condemn the authoritarian regimes was wrong. Earlier United State President Donald Trump termed coronavirus as Wuhan virus.  

Coronavirus first originated in Wuhan city China and people opined that this was not an escapable fact and World cannot shout racism every time someone criticizes China.

World Health Organization (WHO) has suggested that there was evidence of the novel coronavirus originating from the animals, “most likely” in bats before spreading to humans through an intermediate animal host. According to WHO there was no evidence suggesting  that virus was created by humans.

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