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Saudi Arabia To Organize Spanish Bull running And Gaming Events

Saudi Arabia, the once conservative country in a wave of new reforms announced it is going to organize a series of events in 2019 including Gaming competition like Spanish Bull Running. And, that will be another entertaining sports festivals apart from music concerts and cinema shows in the country.

Spanish Bull Running Events in Saudi Arabia

So, the country is working hard to diversify its economy by bringing a cultural change. One being allowing Women to drive .

According to media reports, the crown prince wished the General Entertainment Authority chief Turki al-Sheikh announced that Saudi Arabia will organize Spanish bull running along with gaming and other events in 2019.

Spanish bull running is an old Spanish tradition in which people run in front of charging bulls to prove their level of courage.

The people have responded well to the plans said General Entertainment Authority chief Turki al-Sheikh to the media. He further remarked he  hopes that everyone does their job as this is a great opportunity to generate good  revenue.

What Other Events Will There Be

Other than gaming and Bull Run a wide range of events are believed to occur. A wax museum is to open and musicals like Aladdin and The Lion King, are going to be performed. The country is also likely to host NBA games.

Starting the event like Spanish Bull Running is part of the regime’s plan of introducing new sports and cultural festivals to diversify the economy and increase job opportunities.

New Reforms

Under the leadership of crown prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, Saudi Arabia has been slowly transitioning from conservative to a liberal society.

The crown prince announced these reforms as part of his new 2030 vision of Saudi economy. According to the vision Saudi economy is to branch out and rely less on hydrocarbon export

His reform further include opening co-ed schools and promote the countries tourism.

Is Saudi Arabia Really Becoming Liberal?                                       

The crowned prince has faced some heat from the clergy regarding these reforms. They believe the new reforms will give birth to new social evils. The fact that they were not even consulted on these reforms alarms them.

Saudi crown Prince at one side is bringing the reforms and on other side shutting the critics who fought for them so long. The practice of curbing his dissents, particularly MBS’ alleged involvement in murder of Jamal Khashoggi is making Saudi regime face severe criticism.

Another fact casting a shadow of doubt on Saudi Arabia’s step towards becoming liberal is its involvement in Yemen where it has been accused of committing so many atrocious crimes.

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