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Pakistani Guy Apologizes for Bullying Sarfaraz after Facing Criticism on Social Media

This is very tough time for Pakistan’s cricket team which is facing criticism of fans for performing poorly in the world cup. As if the brutal condemnation on the social media was not enough, people have now started them bullying in the public places as well.

Recently, a guy passed vicious comments on Sarfaraz while he was in a mall with his son; this is not the all he also uploaded the video on social media that later went viral.

Thanks to the conscious of social media users that they didn’t join hands with the guy and condemned his act of personally attacking Sarfaraz Ahmed without even realizing that he was with his son.

Issuing Apology for Bullying Sarfaraz

Interestingly, this man is not only asking for an apology but also claiming that he didn’t know how the video got uploaded on social media.

May be the apology started after people started tagging the Met Police UK in their tweets while sharing the video where the guy body shamed Sarfaraz.

Folks were right to call out this guy for the disgusting behavior he had shown.

They were also appreciating the fact that Sarfaraz didn’t respond to him who had body shamed him.

Those who didn’t like Sarfaraz as a captain also slammed this body shamer for disrespecting him in public.

Even Indians Reprimanded Him for Humiliating Their Team’s Skipper

Bollywood actor Ritesh Deshmukh also showed his concern about Pakistani skipper who definitely didn’t deserve such harassment in a public place. The act was indeed condemned worthy and social media’s response to the incident was what it should have been.

A few days back when people seemed divided on supporting Sarfaraz because they thought that Pakistan didn’t perform well during his captaincy not only in the World Cup 2019 but also in other one day innings as well. But, now they are all standing with their team as they think that it is necessary to boost their morale and courage so that they can show prove themselves in upcoming matches.

Well soon after this fat shaming fiasco, the trends started in favor of Sarfaraz on social media. Now people are hoping that this would compensate the skipper for the humiliation he faced. After all, he has to lead his time for the rest of the matches and his performance in the field didn’t mean that he should be harassed or body shamed in streets like this.

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