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Bykea Rider Threatens To Rape And Kill Female Journalist

Pakistani Journalist Zebunnisa Burki tweeted that one Bykea rider threatened to rape and kill her. She mentioned the social media handle of the transport company and complained that nobody attended to her concern in the chat system of the app. She finally took to social media to raise a voice for this critical issue.

Many other social media users came to her support and called out Bykea to answer for this ruthless behavior. Bykea is a common app Pakistanis use to get a ride to somewhere or order some delivery. It was shocking for citizens to see a rider from such a company resort to this level.

Company Registers Complain Against Bykea Rider After Post On Social Media

Bykea failed to answer the private complaints of the woman but took notice of the matter after it saw her tweet and the public’s anger. The riding service probably sent a standard reply like Zebunnisa was filing a regular complaint.

Normally in Pakistan, criminal behavior like rape or murder threats against women are ignored in laughter or taken as non-issues. Bykea’s reply somehow reminded social media about that same mentality of this broken society.

People Schooling Bykea On Customer Care

According to most comments, the public was furious that Bykea did not take this matter seriously. People in charge of any constitution must be able to understand that rape and death threats are more than just inconvenience for the victim. The company could have edited the automatic reply before sending the message to display empathy.

Many people have advised the company to hire a proper Social Media Management team, who knows how to interact with customers in trouble. They were concerned for her safety and asked the company to take action against the rogue Bykea rider.

What Happened To The Bykea Rider?

Later, Bykea acknowledged that harassment is a serious offense and must be dealt accordingly. It apologized for the trauma their employee caused to the journalist and confirmed that they have permanently blocked that rider from working. The company admitted their shortcomings in terms of customer satisfaction and assured to be better in the future.

Zebunnisa also mentioned later that she was fine and the complaint center of Bykea was pretty helpful. Although she wasn’t sure whether to take further action against that Bykea rider, she thanked her well-wishers for supporting her.

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