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California Wildfires Spread to Large Area

The California wildfires spread to a large area. The weather experts believe hot and dry conditions responsible for California wildfires. The fire is quickly spreading to a large geographical are. There is a massive ongoing effort to put out the fire involving around 15,000 firefighters. The state officials are saying these firefighters are extinguishing 14 large fires.

Whittier Fire – One of the Scariest California Wildfires

One of the most horrifying Whittier California wildfires has become the leading causes of concern for the firefighters. There are hundreds of homes near that area, endangering a lot of real estates. The fire has already damaged many structures with a major evacuation in place.

The Whittier fire started Saturday and quickly spread across a big area. Whittier has one of the most difficult to handle California wildfires. The burning is continuing in a rugged and difficult to reach terrain. The dry vegetation is providing a lot of fuel for the fire to continue its path of destruction. Firefighters are struggling to put the fire near the surrounding areas.

Many people in Los Pardes National Forest were forced to vacate their cabins. Some 90 children got stranded temporarily because of the California wildfires. The Whittier fire is spread to over 7,800 acres of land. The firefighters are only able to extinguish 5 percent of the total fire so far.

Alamo Fire

The Alamo Fire is even bigger than the Whittier fire. The Alamo California wildfires are spread to around 24,000 acres of land. The fire has destroyed one structure so far. The fire currently threatens around 300 structures in its way. The Fire Department is fighting hard to save these structures. The fire in Alamo is only contained in 10 percent of the affected area so far.

Alamo is also considered one of the major California wildfires. The fire doubled in the area overnight due to an increase in temperatures. The high winds also aided the fire in spreading further into the region. The change in weather conditions has helped the firefighters contain the fire. The Fire Department also used available air support to suppress the situation.  

The Common Reasons Behind California Wild Fires

Here is a look at some of the most common reasons causing California wildfires.

  • The careful tree trimmers become responsible for trees falling onto the power lines causing sparks and leading to fires.
  • Sometimes, even simple things like cutting grass in dry weather can result in creating sparks.
  • A few times arsonists have been responsible for igniting the fire and causing millions of dollars in losses.
  • Campfires in dry areas can also lead to wide spread fires across large forest regions of California.
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