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Cambridge Analytica Scandal: UK Watchdog Fines Facebook £500,000

Social media giant Facebook faces fine of £500,000 by Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK for its involvement in infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal. ICO will also take action against SCL, the parent company of Cambridge Analytica, reported BBC.

Facebook Facing Fine in Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had apologized for users’ data breach after Cambridge Analytica scandal surfaced. But, ICO still asked Facebook to pay fine as it had failed to protect its users’ data from the third party influence.

ICO’s crackdown was not limited to Facebook only, but it also named the companies which were allegedly involved in citizens data processing. These companies included Emma’s Diary and Aggregate IQ.

ICO has taken action after its 16 months long probe into political campaigners’ using citizens data, as Christopher Wylie, an employee of Cambridge Analytica made a revelation about its company’s involvement in data processing without public’s knowledge.

Misuse of Facebook Users’ Data

After Cambridge Analytica scandal surfaced, the world got to know how users’ data through social media could be exploited for election engineering. The company was using third-party apps, like personality testing apps to access Facebook users’ data so that to assist the political parties in launching the targeted campaigns for elections. According to media reports, the data breach helped influence the US Elections in 2016.

Implementation of GDPR Given the Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Cambridge Analytica scandal made it obvious how easy it is for data processing companies to access the online users’ data without their consent and exploit it for meeting the objectives of their clients. The scandal proved to a whistleblower and made authorities worldwide to come up with regulations that could guarantee the users’ data protection and gave them greater control over who could see the information they share online. One such example is the introduction and GDPR implementation by the European Union that made e-commerce giants, online businesses, websites and various digital platforms across the globe to review their privacy policy accordingly.

Now, the UK’s ICO has become active in probing the possible users’ data manipulation by data processing companies. So, apart from investigating various companies, it has also fined Facebook for its indirect role in allowing companies to access users’ data through various apps. Facebook is already working to combat the evil of fake news that can impact the opinions. The social media giant recently announced a $50,000 grant for researchers who study dynamics of WhatsApp fake news. It is also working to play its role in ensuring the transparency of elections in different countries by launching a crackdown against fake accounts.

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