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Camden Market Fire Becomes Wild

The Camden Market fire has turned into a big blaze. The fire is so widespread that 70 firefighters are trying to extinguish it. There were around ten fire engines sent to put out the fire. The Fire Brigade authorities are asking the people not to go to that area.

The Source of the Camden Market Fire

The Camden Market fire is said to have started in a guitar shop nearby. The police had been called to put out the fire at 12:10 am after reports of a local fire. The London fire brigade was already on its way. There are no updates available about the possible injury to a person. The London Ambulance Service so far did not report anyone treated for injuries.

The initial reports suggest around three floors and the roof of a building are under fire. Crews from fire stations of Euston, Kentish Town, Holloway, and Paddington are attending to the fire. The London Ambulance Service sent the Hazardous Area Response Team or HART and clinical team leader to assess the situation.

A Bit About Camden Market

Camden Market is among the top tourist attractions for tourists visiting the UK. Around 28 million visitors come to this market each year. Camden has an open-air market around central London. There are over 1000 stalls, shops, entertainment venues, and stalls. The market began operating back in 1974 with humble beginnings and turned into a famous tourist spot.

Camden Market Fire 2008

It is not the first time Camden Market witnessing a massive fire. There did take place an incident back in 2008 of a massive fire. The Camden Market fire of 2008 was even bigger.More than 100 firefighters participated in the effort with 25 fire engines extinguishing the fire. The police had given warning to people to stay away from the market due to the ongoing cleaning up process, taking three to four days. The Camden Market Fire of 2008 affected a different part of the market then.

Fire Safety a Major Concern in Buildings of London

The Grenfell Tower fire tragedy claimed a total of 79 lives just last month. Authorities in the UK are testing around 600 high-rise buildings across the country for fire safety. At least 60 of the buildings so far have been considered unsafe in the wake of a potential fire threat. The workers removed the external cladding panels of a building situated in Wythenshawe area. Around 800 people were ordered to evacuate around five apartment towers where the authorities wanted to remove the outer cladding.

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