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Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx ‘Back in Action’ to Save Netflix

The 49 years old actress Cameron Diaz is currently making headlines for coming out of retirement from her acting career. The actress is going to be in a movie after ages as her last film Annie was in 2014 in which Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx worked together. In 2018, Diaz announced her retirement from the film industry. Now, both actors are coming together in a new movie Netflix’s original movie called ‘Back in Action’. The actress shared her phone call with the co-star and tweeted it to inform fans about their imminent project.  

The Phone Call between Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx

The collaboration of Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx in ‘Back in Action movie’ was revealed by Foxx on Twitter. He posted the recorded telephonic conversation between Him, Diaz, and retired football legend Tom Brady. The actress said that retirement wasn’t doing much good for her so she was very excited about the movie. The 49-year-old celebrity also mentioned that she doesn’t know how to do it, to which Jamie added Tom in the call to let the co-star know that Brady will help her out.

What Do We Know About Back in Action Movie?

Reportedly, the upcoming underproduction movie Back in Action is going to be an action-comedy film. The minds behind the project are director Seth Gordon and producer Brendan O’Brien. There isn’t much about the movie since nothing has been revealed by either director or the producer. So far, the only news roaming around mainstream media and social media platforms is the appearance of Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx in the film.

Back in Action Benefits Netflix

Bringing back the iconic star Cameron into the acting line is going to be beneficial for the platform itself. Reportedly, Netflix is losing subscribers for multiple reasons. It has only 74.58 million subscribers left as the platform lost more than 200,000 subscribers globally so far. Thus, it has been producing Netflix’s original series and movies back to back. Also, bringing Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx together in a movie is also a promotional tactic to increase the number of subscribers, reportedly.

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