Monday, December 4, 2023
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Canada Passes Anti Islamophobia Law

The Canadian politicians have passed an anti Islamophobia law. The motion passed, condemns anti Islamophobia, requesting the government to “quell public image of fear and hate.”

The non-binding motion passed, aims to condemn any forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination. The motion has also asked the government to launch a study for addressing the issue of Islamophobia in Canada. The study on anti Islamophobia, according to the motion should develop holistic government approach to eliminating systematic discrimination.

Popularity of the Anti Islamophobia Law

Popularity of the Anti Islamophobia LawThe polls conducted by Angus Reid Institute suggest that majority of the Canadians did not support the law. Around 42 of the respondents opposed the vote against the measure. However, only 29 percent of the respondents approved passing of the law.

Quebec mosque attack resulted in the loss of lives of six people. A lone gunman attacked a Quebec mosque at 8:00 pm after the end of the evening prayers. There were around 53 people present at the time of the shooting. Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and Premier Philippe Couillard called the terrorist shooting attack.

Increase in Hate Crimes Against Canadian Muslims

The introduction of an anti Islamophobia law comes at a time when the hatred against Canadian Muslims has tremendously increased.

In 2014, there were 99 religiously motivated crimes registered against Muslims, up from 45 in the year 2012.

The hate crime in Canada is 3.7 percent for a population of 100,000. However, the percentage of hate crimes varies from one province to another.

The racially motivated crimes have reduced a great deal from 238 to 295. But black people, are more likely to get their property vandalized because of their skin color.

There are many motivation factors noted by the law enforcement authorities in Canada. However, religion comes as the second most important motivating factor for hate crimes after the race. Quebec is considered the only place in Canada where people are more likely to get attacked for their religion instead of their skin color.

Jewish Canadians are attacked a lot in Canada due to their religion. The attacks on Canada’s Jewish community are dropping as more of the hate-crime committers target Canadian Muslims.

The New Law’s Implementation

It will not be easy for the Canadian government to enforce the anti Islamophobia law. However, people behind the hate crimes need to be given exemplary punishments to make the law work. Otherwise, hate crimes against Canadian Muslims will never reduce in number.

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