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Canadian Prime Minister Faces Heat over Aladdin Costume

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faces heat over the brown-faced Aladdin costume he wore to a themed party at West Point Grey Academy when he was a teacher there. The press and the people have reacted well to the image as they feel it racist of him.

Canadian Prime Minister As brown Aladdin

According to media reports, the picture is from a costume party that the Canadian Prime Minister attended in 2001 at West Point Grey Academy when he was 29 years old teacher there. The picture shows Trudeau dressed in Aladdin costume with brown make up to appear darker in color. This image first appeared in time magazine

Trudeau’s Response

In response to all the so-called racist image, Trudeau profoundly apologized and expressed how regretful he was of what he did. “I was young, and I didn’t think it was something wrong at the time, but not I realize that it was very stupid of me, and I’m sorry, “said Trudeau.”I do not support racism in any way” he added

Political opponent Jagmeet Singh while commenting on the image said while growing up many of us faced the various form of racism, and some of us fought back with our fists, but not all of us were like that. Canada is a beautiful place, and there’s still hope so let’s not give up yet 

You Have Failed To Eliminate Racism

Other feel the photo is an exact representation of what he is and have negated his claims of learning from his mistakes. They further pointed out that he has failed to address the problem on all governmental levels.

It’s funny how a politician’ss deepest and darkest secrets start to rise from the abyss whenever it is election season. According to earlier polls, Justin was the top choice to be reelected as the prime minister of the country as compared to his opponents.

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